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Fireburst for XBOX360 to rent Rent Fireburst on XBOX360

Released: 31 Dec 2012

Genre: Racing

Fireburst, a new off-road action racing game, featuring unique innovations. Fireburst sends players into a fiery, four-wheeled adrenalin frenzy. Behind the wheel of numerous different racers, drivers get to speed along paved race courses or wicked off-road tracks, showing no respect for their rivals. Thanks to a novel boost system, opponents are kept at a distance in spectacular ways in various single and multiplayer modes. The element of fire prominently features in all special maneuvers. It is possible, for example, to coat your own vehicle in protective flames, or make a rival's car explode with a burst of fire.Fireburst also offers brilliant graphics: In order to bring glorious effects and breathtaking landscapes to the screen, exDream's developers base their graphics on Unreal Engine 3. Many dynamic objects and impressive light effects on vehicles and tracks make for fantastic top-level, high-speed racing action.


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Fireburst for XBOX360 to RentFireburst for XBOX360 to RentFireburst for XBOX360 to Rent


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