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This section contains the questions that we are most often asked. We've tried to make them as comprehensive as possible, so that you can find the information you want.

However, if you can't find the answer here, please go to our Contact Us page. Drop us a line, we're happy to reply to any query you may have.

Renting Games
  1. Can I rent a game without becoming a subscriber?
    No. Only subscribers of Boomerang can use the service.
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  2. How do I rent a game?
    To add a game to your Pipeline you can find the games you would like by searching for a particular title or choosing from our categories, then click on "Rent It" or "Add" if it hasn't been released as yet. Once you have some games in your Pipeline, we will automatically send you your first game. Games are despatched Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays)
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  3. How does the Value membership work?
    As a Value member, you can rent up to a fixed number games a month. The system works on games despatched to you, so if you return a game sent to you in a previous month, it doesnt account to your current months rentals.
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  4. How long does it take for my game to be sent to me?
    This depends on the stock availability of the game. At Boomerang, we aim to despatch your next game on the same day we receive a game back from you. We carefully monitor our stock levels and what our customers want to rent. That's why we 86% of our customers consistently receive their top 3 priorities.
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  5. How quickly will I receive my games?
    Once you have signed up and created your Pipeline, you should get your first game in a couple days time. Once you have returned a game your next one should be with you a few day after that. We aim to send you a top choice, subject to availability. If you want to receive new releases sooner then why not try our Priority Membership package?
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  6. I want a certain game but you don't appear to have it.
    We will try to order any game requested, subject to availability and demand. Please go to Contact Us.
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  7. What do I do if I receive the wrong game?
    Please go to Contact Us and return the disk with a note. If your membership package has a maximum rental per month, we will of course reset this so that you don't lose out.
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  8. What do the ELSPA ratings mean?
    There are several ELSPA ratings: 3+ 7+ 12+ 16+ 18 These relate to the minimum age the game is suitable for, based on the content of the game. This should help you to decide on the suitability of games, particularly if you are ordering games for children. If you have any questions, drop us a line, we are only to happy to advise on this.
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  9. What is the maximum number of rentals for a subscription period?
    The maximum number of rentals for a subscription period is shown on the "Membership Packages" page.
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  10. Why are games not sent in the exact order I have chosen?
    We look at the order of priority that you would like and do our best to send games out in this order. However, if the highest priority isn't available, rather than leave you without a game, we will send the next available game to you.
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  11. Why are some titles currently unavailable?
    A game release involves a finite number of games being produced. Boomerang may have stocked some copies of a title in the past but, if these have been lost in the post or taken out of stock due to damage, there may no longer be any copies of the title in stock and none available for purchase. These titles will be re-stocked as soon as supplies become available.
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  12. You changed the release date of a game. Why?
    From time to time, despite the best planning, the game publishers need to delay the release of an already announced game. This can be for any number of reasons, and is outside of our control. However, we aim to keep you up to date on this on our website.
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