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PS4 & Xbox One Game Rental Reviews.

Here's just a selection of recent, genuine Boomerang Rentals reviews.

"Really good service, customer support always comes accross as well informed and polite. Would certainly recommend to anyone."

- Tim, Essex, 27th July 2017
"Been using Boomerang for a few years, TBH, as far as my gaming needs go, I wouldnt know what to do without this service!"

- Tam, Surrey, 22nd July 2017
"I've been a member just 3 months and saved so much money on the many triple AAA and indie games I've rented out . Great customer service, wish I'd known about them years ago. Don't hesitate, it's been flawless for me so far. "

- Tim, Llanelli, 8th July 2017
"Hope to use this service for a long time! Very quick turnaround on delivery and returns. Good loyalty scheme. Very little waiting for new/top games."

- Paul, North London, 2nd July 2017
"This company is easily the best subscription that I have ever paid for! It has been a lifesaver for games over the past few years and I recommend it to everybody that I know. Keep up the amazing work!"

- Paul, Cardiff, 28th June 2017
"Very fast and reliable service, very impressed with what the site has to offer and not to mention fast delivery too."

- Aileen, Kilmarnock, 25th June 2017

Where do the Boomerang Rental reviews come from?

The Boomerang Rental Reviews come from genuine customers who contact us to express their satisfaction with our service.

We will also email you in partnership with FEEFO, for your feedback, from time to time.

Are the reviews genuine?

Yes, all reviews of Boomerang’s rental service and games are genuine. We on occasion make amends for grammar or shorten them to fit the space available, however, we make no changes to the key content of the review.

How can I leave a rentals review?

Leaving a review is easy, just submit it via the Contact Us page, Twitter, Facebook or live chat. We always love to hear from our customers!

Can I leave a review of Boomerang rentals on another site?

Of course! We like customers sharing their review of Boomerang Rentals Service with the world. All we would ask, is that if you are not entirely satisfied with our rental service or games, please contact us first, so we have the opportunity to put it right for you.

Can I leave a review of a game I have played?

Yes, go to the My games page to leave a review of a game you have played via our rental service.

Read our rental service reviews? Want to know more about our rental service?

Renting games with Boomerang is easy and a great way to save money. We have been in business since 2006 and have many thousands of satisfied customers. Some have saved £1000’s!

Customer satisfaction is our main aim, and we spend a lot of time working to continually improve the rental service and quality of our rental games, so that when you come to leave a review, we hope you will be completely satisfied.

Once you have signed up to our 21 day free trial, just select the games you would like to play, from all the different formats available. You can add games of different formats to your rental list and then place them in the order you ideally would like to receive them. We will despatch your first rental as quickly as possible.

Once you have played your first game, return it in the pre-paid envelope and when we receive this game back, we will scan it off your account and despatch another, as soon as we can.

You can cancel at any time, through the My Account page and also reactivate your account at a later date, to suit you. Our service is very flexible.

To find out more, try the help dropdown at the top of every page, or contact us, we will be happy to help! We hope that you too, will be happy to leave a great review, just like the reviews on this page!

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