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This section contains the questions that we are most often asked. We've tried to make them as comprehensive as possible, so that you can find the information you want.

However, if you can't find the answer here, please go to our Contact Us page. Drop us a line, we're happy to reply to any query you may have.

Problems With a Game
  1. I have damaged a game. What do I do?
    We regret we will need to charge you for the disc. Please advise us by going to Contact Us.
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  2. I received a scratched or damaged game. What do I do?
    Please try cleaning the disc with a soft non-abrasive cloth, wiping from the centre to the outer edge in a straight line. Do not wipe the game in a circle as this will damage the playing surface. If you are still having problems go to the Contact Us page and email us. All damaged or unplayable discs should be mailed back to us at your earliest convenience. Your account will show you have this disc until we receive it back.
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  3. I've lost a game. What do I do?
    We regret we will need to charge you for the disc. Please go to the Contact Us page.
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  4. My XBox 360 game won't play
    Some XBox 360 games require you to set your console to the 60Hz setting. Your manual will show you how to do this.
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  5. My XBox 360 has damaged the game. What do I do?
    We are aware that some games have been prone to cracking in the machine. If this happens, please tell us about it. If you tell us about it and when we get the game back, we can see that this has happened (as opposed to other types of damage), we won't charge you. Please also note: NEVER move your XBox 360 console with one of our games inside, this could lead to scratching of the disc.
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