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This section contains the questions that we are most often asked. We've tried to make them as comprehensive as possible, so that you can find the information you want.

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Service Options
  1. Why does Boomerang have Service Options?
    Our customers want a service to suit them and how they want to rent. Some customers only want to receive their top choices and don't mind waiting an extra day or two, whilst others want us to send their next rental as quickly as possible. Other customers prefer a balanced service, receiving some top choices, and generally a good turnaround speed. All other rental sites offer essentially one level of service, however, we want to offer something different, to meet this need. Service Options does that, by allowing you to customise the service you receive, with the flexibility to change this at any time.
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  2. What are Boomerang's Service Options?
    Service Options are in "My Account". These Options are: Top 3: You will always receive one of your top 3 choices. Top 5: You will always receive one of your top 5 choices. Balanced: You will always receive a top 10 choice Fast: The system will look at all the games in your list. This should mena you get a faster service, if you have 10 + games in your list. When you join, your account will be set to a default option, depending on what membership package you have signed up for. However, you can change this setting at any time to give you the service you would like to receive from us.
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  3. What if I am on My Free Trial?
    These options will work for you, in exactly the same way as if you were a full member, enabling you to see how our service works. Remember, no other rental company offers you this level of choice!
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  4. What if I am a Priority Customer, can I still benefit?
    Yes. As a Priority customer, you will still receive priority on the games we send to you, ahead of all other membership types. So, whichever Service Option you choose, overall you will receive a faster service with more top choices and New Releases than other memberships types on the same Service Option. We believe that Priority Memberships work particularly well with the "Top 3" and "Top 5" options.
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  5. How often can I change the Service Option I am on?
    You can change the Service Option as often as you like irrespective of what membership package you are on or whether you are on a Free Trial or your membership is live.
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  6. What about Red colour coded games?
    If you choose "Top 3" or "Top 5" or "Balanced", its best not to have too many Red colour coded titles as your top choices as this may slow your service down.
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  7. Will I see any delays in turnaround?
    If you are a Priority Customer, you should experience very few delays, even if you opt for the "Top 3" option. However, if you are say, an Unlimited One customer and you pick the "Top 3" option, you may experience some occasional delays if we have to wait for particular titles to become available for you. However, the benefit is that the games we send you will always be ones that you really want to play!
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