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Players will assume the identity of Ethan Thomas, the former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, who's been called back to duty to track down his missing partner. As Ethan, players will engage in visceral combat using a variety of firearms, blunt instruments and an all-new fighting system complete with defensive and offensive combo chains. To help track the killer and solve the mysteries behind Condemned 2, players will crack open an all-new set of high-tech forensic tools. Using wits and brute strength, murders can be solved in a number of different ways to keep players guessing throughout each suspenseful investigation.

Featuring an all-new fighting mechanic and online multiplayer functionality, Condemned 2 is a first-person action thriller which immerses players in a world of psychological terror. Following a string of gruesome murders, players must use their deductive skills and brute force to track down sadistic serial killers.

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Released: 04-04-2008
Rating Info: 18
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This is a really nice game to play far better than the first one...A+

This was a good game, but all over it was hard to see, even turning the contrast in. The story is great and a great continuation of the first Condemned, but playing it was difficult because of the vision and how everything blended together. I didn't get very far because it ended up hurting my eyes to strain to see.

Condemned 2 is An Absoulte Awesome Game ! I First Got into it As I Was playin Condemned 1 And i Thought if this game is awesome number 2 is going to be really really good. And it was. With its Great Sound Track And Scenery It Makes The Game Form Around The Player Giving them a Very Scary And wierd Experience. I Will Give This Game 5/5 Because It Deserves it And it is a sure Good Game To be put onto your Pipeline Enjoy ! :D

Played in the right environment, this is an excellent game. A visceral, genuinely scary experience, that has made me want to see what the first game was all about. Marked down a little for a bit of a daft story and some dodgy character voice syncing.

The original was scary but still fun. In an attempt to better it in Condemned 2, I actually think they have over complicated the fighting element and parts of the level are so dark you can't see anything. Not being able to see anything does not alone make a good horror game. Apart from the lab level that is which is white white white. Shame theres hardly anything to do in this section.

very very scary game. possibly the scariest game i have every played. 9 out of 10 from me. better gameplay engine aswell. multiplayer isnt the best but the story makes up for it easily.

good game improved on the original

good game, my only problem is that its hard to connect to a game online

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Condemned 2 for XBOX360 to RentCondemned 2 for XBOX360 to RentCondemned 2 for XBOX360 to Rent

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