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The zombie apocalypse returns:

They thought they had survived the Zombie outbreak on Banoi. They thought they could get back to civilization. But after our heroes had reached the treacherous safety of a military ship - suddenly Fate strikes - a storm hits and horror and chaos come flooding back into their lives.

Dead Island: Riptide throws players back into the phenomenal mixture of RPG, Open World and Multiplayer Coop action. Taking the best of Dead Island and evolving it even further, Dead Island: Riptide will build on the brand's success, with millions of gamers worldwide having to fight for their lives again!

Dead Island: Riptide takes the best of Dead Island and adds even more layers to it. With new Multiplayer communication features, a wider arrange of zombies, a new weapon proficiency system and many other features, Dead Island fans as well as players new to the franchise will enjoy yet another unique survival experience.

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Released: 26-04-2013
Rating Info: 18
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if you liked the 1st one you would like the 2nd like the 1st it may get a bit repetitive but over all a good game best to rent it

1st game was fantastic, this one to me was boring not much diff from the last one.

An absolutely fantastic game, 4 player coop is brilliantly fun and you can play on your own or join other players game while in game if they are doing the same mission as you, one of the best games of the years and countless hours of zombie killing which never gets boring, much better gameplay than the first part

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Dead Island Riptide for XBOX360 to RentDead Island Riptide for XBOX360 to RentDead Island Riptide for XBOX360 to Rent

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