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Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires for PS3 to rent Rent Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires on PS3

Released: 22 Feb 2013

Genre: Fighting

Change your destiny. Make history your own...Taking the focus away from the historical figures that roamed the battlefields of the Three Kingdoms of China, 'Empires' emphasizes on a different kind of hero: the player!Combining thrilling battlefield action with strategic gameplay, Empires gives each payer the opportunity to influence the way history unfolds.Gain fame in battle and become a 'Ruler'. Use strategy to seize power and invade neighboring territories as a 'Strategist'. Become a mercenary and sell your services as a 'Free Officer'.Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires offers a true personalized gaming experience.


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Confusing as hell but different enough to be worth playing

Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires for PS3 to RentDynasty Warriors 7 Empires for PS3 to RentDynasty Warriors 7 Empires for PS3 to Rent


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