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Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 to rent Rent Gran Turismo 5 on PS3

Released: 24 Nov 2010

Genre: Racing

Developed exclusively for PS3 Gran Turismo 5 brings the worldâs most realistic and comprehensive driving experience to fans in one of the most highly anticipated games of all time.Gran Turismo 5 features more than 1000 licensed cars from the worldâs top manufacturers and more than 20 tracks with more than 70 variations, including famous world circuits, city courses, and other environments. Featuring exciting gameplay and modes to suit newcomers, automotive enthusiasts, and seasoned fans, Gran Turismo 5 raises the bar on the franchiseâs depth of content and unparalleled visuals including lifelike graphics that are difficult to distinguish from a live race. Further reflecting this realism, cars will feature real-time visual damage with adaptive and accurate car deformation based on point of impact and velocity. Additionally for the first time, Gran Turismo 5 will feature an extremely deep online and community feature set.Players can progress and acquire credits through a variety of modes like GT Career Mode, Championship Races, License Tests and more, or they can explore different tracks and circuit variations in Arcade Mode. Additionally, players can race online with up to 16 players. Players can also participate in a robust online system, and transfer vehicles unlocked in Gran Turismo® for PSPTM into their garage inGran Turismo 5. Buckle up and take a deep breath as you set out to trounce the opposition on amazing tracks across the globe. You'll have your pick of jaw-dropping dream cars, all lovingly recreated to rev, roll and roar just as they would in real life.


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After waiting years for this to come out the game should of been much better its basicly the same game as the one on the ps2 but with better grapics an more cars even the series race name/tracks are basicly the same.

Superb game, very playable and loads to do

An absolutely amazing game with massive length and reliability. The creators of Gran Turismo regularly update the game and the seasonal events so even if you've finished all the events and challenges there is always something more to do, if you're a perfections. The driving …

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Gran Turismo 5 for PS3 to RentGran Turismo 5 for PS3 to RentGran Turismo 5 for PS3 to Rent


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