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Heavy Rain is a dark, immersive and emotionally-engaging experience; one that expands upon the innovative ideas of 2005's acclaimed Fahrenheit to create a noir-thriller where decisions are charged with importance and actions can have drastic and unforseen consequences. Breaking with traditional game conventions where necessary, the gameplay will be based around story, emotional involvement and the players decisions and interactions, rather than high-scores, combat and competition. Intuitive gameplay and controls are also fundamental to the experience ensuring that the game is mature but accessible, and avoiding alienating players with obscure stats and complex interfaces.

In Heavy Rain you don't watch the story you play it. The dynamic narrative unfolds through the players actions - not cut scenes - and every action has a consequence. The choices you make and the way you interact with other characters have repercussions throughout the storyline. With unprecedented responsibility over the fates of the games characters, players will find Heavy Rain an emotional experience unlike any other. It dares to tackle subject matter and themes rarely touched upon in video games, making it a genuinely mature game for a new world of adult gamers.

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Released: 26-02-2010
Rating Info: 15
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A Great game to play. highly recommend playing this

Excellent game, with a brilliant story.

great game

briliant game graphics are perfect but i completed game in less than 24 hours but the story is bril a great twist at end

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GREAT game different and should be rented 100 percent im surprised people havent to be honest.sa

Superb game

Amazing story, beautiful graphics, realistic and enriching characters. A fantastic experience. Couldn't possibly consider it a video game, it is an experience. Great stuff.

Excellent game

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Heavy Rain for PS3 to RentHeavy Rain for PS3 to RentHeavy Rain for PS3 to Rent

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