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Heavy Rain is a dark, immersive and emotionally-engaging experience; one that expands upon the innovative ideas of 2005's acclaimed Fahrenheit to create a noir-thriller where decisions are charged with importance and actions can have drastic and unforseen consequences. Breaking with traditional game conventions where necessary, the gameplay will be based around story, emotional involvement and the players decisions and interactions, rather than high-scores, combat and competition. Intuitive gameplay and controls are also fundamental to the experience ensuring that the game is mature but accessible, and avoiding alienating players with obscure stats and complex interfaces.

In Heavy Rain you don't watch the story you play it. The dynamic narrative unfolds through the players actions - not cut scenes - and every action has a consequence. The choices you make and the way you interact with other characters have repercussions throughout the storyline. With unprecedented responsibility over the fates of the games characters, players will find Heavy Rain an emotional experience unlike any other. It dares to tackle subject matter and themes rarely touched upon in video games, making it a genuinely mature game for a new world of adult gamers.

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Released: 26-02-2010
Rating Info: 15
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A Great game to play. highly recommend playing this

Amazing game! Loved it, and despite a slow start it soon engages you. Very cool and all i can say is...four words... THANK YOU MADISON PAIGE

Excellent game, with a brilliant story.

great game

Heavy Rain is a brilliant game, even if it is unusual in that it is mainly pressing buttons in a sequence with a scene playing. But it is so much better than it sounds. There are times when you're desperately trying to stay alive knowing one finger-slip and that might be the end for you, which really increases the tension and drama. It's a short game with fantastic visuals, but there's definitely scope to go back and play things again differently.

I'm usually more into shooters and action games but i quite enjoyed this. Platinuming it took about 3 weeks though and got a bit samey once main storyline was done.

briliant game graphics are perfect but i completed game in less than 24 hours but the story is bril a great twist at end

Good story but not the best. A little predictable at the end though. Can be difficult to walk about and sometimes the quick time events are difficult to see until it's too late. Amazing graphics which is let down a little with the dodgy dialogue.

Check out my Heavy Rain Review; http://www.gamepodunk.com/blog/76/entry-456-heavy-rain-review-an-emotional-downpour-of-morality-defining-decisions/

The only good thing about this game are the graphics. the game play is terrible. all you do is press buttons in time throughout the whole game there is no real game play it is more link one slightly interactive cut scene.

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