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Cole MacGrath makes his electrifying return in inFamous 2, the second chapter in the best-selling franchise exclusively for the PS3. Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, inFamous 2 takes last summer's blockbuster to all-new heights in an immersive open world action adventure that offers a more visceral, emotional and powerful take on the true superhero experience.

Blamed for the destruction of Empire City and haunted by the ghosts of his past, reluctant hero Cole MacGrath makes a dramatic journey to the historic Southern city of New Marais in an effort to discover his full super-powered potential - and face a civilization-ending confrontation with a dark and terrifying enemy from his own future. Gifted with extraordinary god-like abilities, Cole alone has the power to save humanity, but the question is - will he choose to do so?

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Released: 10-06-2011
Rating Info: 16
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Infamous 2 is a great game, and the only game to date I have achieved a platinum trophy. The story is okay but for me this game is all about cole and his powers. Just running about the city is fun! imagine GTA with superpowers. It's a must rental.

Excellent game, great visuals. But I would have to say it is rather similar to the first game.

I would Recommend this game to everyone, best game I've played this year so far!

Awesome game. Would recommend to others.

The best ps3 exclusive there is in my humble opinion (just edging uncharted due to the awesome superpowers) Genuinely one of thebest open world games I've ever played, and brilliant whether you're evil or good. Both stories brought a tear to my eye.. (Don't know about trophy,difficulty really,but seem relatively easy)

What a game! If you enjoyed the first one you'll love this! The facial mapping made it so much more personal and involved in the story on an emotional level. The karmic choices make huge impacts on the story line and the ability to user generate levels for other people to play on the PSN mean hours more extra fun. The soundtrack was spot on, the story kicked ass and fingers crossed they sort out a 3rd. Action fans can't fail to love it!

great game

Great game, smooth combat and tough moral choices.

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InFamous 2 for PS3 to RentInFamous 2 for PS3 to RentInFamous 2 for PS3 to Rent

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