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From legendary game developer Rare Ltd. comes "Kameo: Elements of Power," a larger-than life journey full of intense combat, magnificent exploration, and innovative morph-into-monster action that allows Kameo to transform into incredible monsters to search out and battle ever-present evil.


The future of the world depends on Kameo, who must capture, harness, and unleash a wide assortment of monsters to rescue three of her Elemental Ancestors and destroy the Dark Troll King who threatens the planet and its wildlife.


In true Rare fashion, the world is wondrous and immense, the puzzles and challenges are brilliant, and the monster-oriented combat and exploration is innovative and unique.

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Released: 02-12-2005
Rating Info: 12+
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Lovely graphics for an earlier xbox title. The story is enchanting, and has a bit of substance to it as well. The games rewarding as well as fun at the same time, and I'd recommend to people who like their rpg/action/adventure games. Well worth a play.

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Kameo Elements of Power for XBOX360 to RentKameo Elements of Power for XBOX360 to RentKameo Elements of Power for XBOX360 to Rent

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