Killzone 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible) PS3

Killzone 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible) for PS3 to rent

Killzone 3 picks up where its predecessor left off and it's a much grander experience in terms of scale and ambition. There will be more variety, more enemy types, massive environments and a broader vision of the planet Helghan and its many terrains.

Developed by Guerrilla Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Killzone 3 is the latest title in the Killzone franchise, bringing the most robust first-person shooter experience exclusively for the PS3.

Following on the heels of the highly acclaimed Killzone 2, players will once again face the hostile Helghast army, battling overwhelming odds in the fight for human survival. Killzone 3 delivers the definitive cinematic sci-fi war experience with an immersive single-player campaign as well as full featured multiplayer action in the war against the Helghast.

Players will be tasked with utilizing a host of new weapons and vehicles in the battle for human survival. Helghast variety is now greater than ever, with players facing jetpack troopers as well as enemies wielding weapons of mass destruction. Killzone 3 thoroughly explores the planet Helghan, showcasing a wide breadth of destructible environments and stunningly detailed scenery. Additionally, players will be tasked with utilizing a host of new weapons and vehicles in the war to stop the Helghast. Featuring an extensive single-player campaign and thrilling multi-player mode, Killzone 3 delivers a host of new gameplay elements and an intense storyline that will once again drive gamers to join the ranks of the ISA and fight the Helghast.

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Released: 25-02-2011
Rating Info: 18
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Great game, quite fun to play finished it in a day. But it was an intense one. About as good as the second killzone. Definitely worth playing.

Awesome gun fun, great cut scenes. Maybe not the most deep and meaningful game ever but utterly satisfies bloodlust. 110%.

Great single player campaign and a good multiplayer make this game one I should have bought instead!

Much Better than Killzone 2. Great depth to the game. Difficulty levels good. Graphics good and an ending that wasn,t as hard as the second

Great game, finished the campaign in a few hours and dived in to multiplayer. Even motivated me to go back and complete killzone 2.

Single Player - Not great but not bad. Average FPS Single player. Graphics are stunning. Game play about 4-5 hours. Multiplayer - Fantastic; better than current FPS. Stunning graphics, great game play, sounds is amazing. Endless gameplay. A battlefield game with a killzone twist.

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Killzone 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible) for PS3 to RentKillzone 3 (PlayStation Move Compatible) for PS3 to Rent

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