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Bright, refreshing and compulsive, LocoRoco plunges you into a colourful world where jelly-like creatures (LocoRoco) sing, roll and bounce their way through levels to reach their goals.
LocoRoco are free-roaming, free-rolling creatures. With their own happy language, hypnotic backgrounds and music, LocoRoco is like nothing you have ever seen before - you'll just have to share it!
Instantly accessible, guide your LocoRoco through the various worlds using a simple tilting and bouncing gameplay mechanic - using the PSP system's [L] and [R] buttons to tilt the ground up to about 30 degrees in either direction. The jelly-like LocoRoco just can't stay still - guide these little characters as they bounce, roll and jump their way to the goal, avoiding splinters and enemies.
Grow LocoRoco by eating fruit, the fatter they are by the end of the level, the more points you get. And when they are too big to fit through narrow pathways, split into tiny LocoRoco at the push of a button to squeeze through small spaces and uncover hidden rooms and treats. Pop out the other side and combine back into one big LocoRoco to continue your journey. You can even guide your LocoRoco through certain walls to collect secret items, so there's plenty to satisfy skilled gamers too.
With various levels such as snow mountains and jungles, and unique characters to meet along the way, you can be sure that your LocoRoco will always be smiling. Perfectly proportioned for the PSP system, LocoRoco is so happy, bright and unusual, it's guaranteed to keep you smiling too.

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Released: 23-06-2006
Rating Info: 3+
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This is a very cute and addictive game with interesting gameplay controls wich make it a very unque gameon the psp though after a while its novelty gets a bit repetative not a game to sit throughout as it can be completed in seven hours excluding the locoroco house buliding part which i skipped as it was not of much interest to me and reminded me of lemmings Dont get me wrong a very good game but only entertaining for short plays maybe a single bus jornny or a game before bed as the repetativness gets annoying good sound effects and cartoon like graphics thew way the locoroco interact with their enviroment is intersting and make sense for some reason i thought it could be a very simplified 2d havok engine ha ha the sound is brilliant and each sog for each level is done perfectly aswith the lockoroco often sining along and various parts of the platform landscape becoming somewhat of an instrument as the produce thier own musical sounds iw would give this game a sort of 50 50

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