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The sequel to the successful Mafia, Mafia II immerses players in the mob underworld of a fictitious late 1940s-early 1950s scenario. Players will quickly become engaged in the games cinematic movie experience with strong, believable characters in a living, breathing city. By fusing high octane gunplay with white knuckle driving and an engaging narrative, Mafia II looks to be the industrys most compelling Mafia title to date.

Born the son of a poor immigrant, Vito is a beaten down Italian American who is trying to secure his piece of the American Dream. Looking to escape the life of poverty that consumed his childhood, Vito is soon swayed by the lure of power and wealth that a life of Organized Crime can bring.

A petty criminal his whole life, Vito, along with his childhood friend, Joe, will descend into the world of Organized Crime. Together, they will work to prove themselves to the Mob as they try to make their names on the streets of a cold and unforgiving city.

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Released: 27-08-2010
Rating Info: 18
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Good Story. Good Missions. Good Characters. Very Enjoyable Game. Only Criticism, lots and I mean lots of driving!!

i really enjoyed this game, the story is very well written and has plenty of twists (especially the shocing ending). The graphics are well done and the soundtrack is true to the time. The developer did a great job in capturing the feel of the era and everything felt really athentic

good game but too short and no repplay value

Good, but Very short.

a really good game with some good graphics and voice acting but the game is very short, but worth a rent.

Story - 8 Gameplay - 8 Graphics - 9

Not bad but same sort of missions start to get monotonous.

Interesting story line

with more dev time this could have been a 24carat classic, as it stands, this games offers lots of glimpses of what could have been. having said that, i enjoyed my time on Mafia II and would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the genre. but i'm really glad i did shell out 40 quid for it.

Perfect renting game, but as mentioned, there aren't really any side missions so the main story shouldn't take too long to complete. Still, great voice acting, great story and great atmosphere due to stunning cars, scenery and graphics. Overall, well worth renting.

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Mafia II (Mafia 2) for PS3 to RentMafia II (Mafia 2) for PS3 to RentMafia II (Mafia 2) for PS3 to Rent

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