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Majin: The Fallen Realm creates a new fusion of stealth and action-adventure as the player takes the role of the game's hero to fight alongside the AI-controlled monster Majin and overcome the obstacles and adversaries in their path. They pursue their individual objectives while fighting against darkness which brings them strong friendship, and the secrets around the lost kingdom and Majin unfold as the story continues.

The unique AI makes the player's partner Majin autonomous and creates perfectly refined stress-free gameplay. It also invites players to confront the major obstacles, spilt the roles and overcome increasingly complex conundrums and fierce foes. Over thirty hours of gameplay will take the player seamlessly through the vast, open world of Majin: The Fallen Realm and its many rich character interactions, with the constantly evolving gameplay and absorbing storyline designed to keep the experience gripping throughout.

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Released: 26-11-2010
Rating Info: 12+
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The most obvious inspiration for Majin is the Legend of Zelda. Like Zelda's Link, you play an outsider who journeys round a kingdom that is loosely organisd around a central hub, you gain powers that allow you to progress to other areas and there is a strange fairy-tale quality to the proceedings. Unfortunately a game that could have been a nice match for Zelda (it is certainly cute enough and has a genuinely moving soundtrack) has been released before it has been properly playtested. There is really no excuse for a game that requires this much backtracking - backtracking not only to return to previously explored areas to use your new powers to unlock secrets, but backtracking even if you are just following the story. You finish one area, instead of being transported back to a central hub you have to go all the way back to where you entered the area, then likely you will have to traverse an earlier area in order to get to the next dungeon. It is exhausting. What else? Well your main character has no powers of his own, the powers are given to your constant companion, the Majin. Now this guy is great, he is cuddly, he is sweet, but he is also incredibly feckless and you will probably spend most of your time shouting "No you stupid gruffalo-wannabe! I said come here!" Unfortunately the Majin has a nasty habit of running half way across the world to attack any enemy he gets as much of a whiff of. In fact you can be trying to avoid a group of enemies, sneak past only to find the Majin has disobeyed your order to "follow" and is embroiled in a fight. Frustrating? On at least two occasions I thought I was going to thrown my face through the TV. The designers have clearly programmed the Majin to "attack" when an enemy enters his field of vision, even if you have given him another order. One boss fight involves having to use one of the Majin's powers on the ground underneath the monster but every time the Majin turns to use his power he "sees" the monster and futiley attacks it instead. Frantic button pressing is required to keep his attention. The controls are sloppy, jumping feels like pot luck (try grabbing onto a ledge - good luck) and the platforming elements are made tricky by slow controller response (Press x to wait 1 second and then jump) bad camera angles, and trying to order the Majin around involves aiming a set of crosshairs that don't seem to want to lock onto any viable target. To trump it all, the game requires you to get to level 31 and the Majin to get to level 21 to get the Platinum (I know this matters to most PS3 owners!) Trouble is, there is no New Game + and by the end of the game, even with all the backtracking and with relentless monster bashing you are only going to be about level 24 and the Majin level 14. Cue about three additional hours of pounding on the same group of enemies for a trophy. It is decisions like this which suggest the game never finished playtesting and is only 80% complete. Its messy, its a game about 80% finished. Its a real shame because I'd give this a high 80 if it was fixed. It isn't, so it gets 80% of the score it deserves. Because this could have been so much better. As it is, you will probably get a kick out of it and enjoy the music, but be warned - when you start to scream at the Majin take a break!

Awesome game. Completed and recommended to friends.

Anyone thinking this is a poor man's 'The Last Guardian' is wrong. This game is decent in its own right. It combines puzzles and action fighting, most of it is straight forward but not insulting to your intelligence either. You can finish it in 15 hours, or spend another 2-3 collecting everything and leveling up. an easy game to 100% complete and a fun time playing. One thing to put up with is the child suited NPC characters, they're a bit lame, but only serve to give pointers.

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