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Mario Party 8 is the first Wii instalment of the popular Mario Party series. Like previous Mario Party titles, this is a fantastic party game with your favourite characters from the Mario universe, organised in the spirit of traditional board games but with the addition of several 'minigames' to spice up the challenge.

Characters roll dice, move on a board and can perform certain interactions on specific situations or via items they collect. At the end of each turn players are involved in humorous simple mini games, that require reflexes, intuition and/or logic.

Mario party 8 on the Wii goes back to the classic formula of four players at most; however Mario Party 8 on the Wii takes full advantage of the Wii remote to inject unique and energetic gameplay in to the Mario Party.

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Released: 03-08-2007
Rating Info: 3+
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Was quite good fun, pretty much what you'd expect from a mario party game.

Is a good game overall but can get a little anoying at times as you can't skip much very quickly when you want to just play, but the minigames in it are awesome and there are so many to unlock and play. Overall a good game to play with your mates, but on your own it can be quite annoying.

Rubbish. OK, let's be a bit more balanced. You have to play on a board, against other characters. It's like snakes and ladders, and at the end of each "turn" (i.e. each player has moved once) you have a mini game. Now, the mini games themselves were OK, but the board thing was tedious and annoying. I wanted to get straight to the games, but you have to unlock them. It might be a fun game at a party when you have 4 people playing. Playing against 3 computer opponenets was boring: I didn't care what their moves were on the board, so didn't really want to wait while I watched the move. Also, I didn't like having the screen split in 4 on some games when competing against the computer (snowboarding). Why would I want that? It just spoilt the minigame. Looks alright, graphics wise. Not my cup of tea at all though.

not bad not a complete rush and overall worth a rental

The game is very pretty, but too slow. Not very exciting.

We were desperate to buy this. Really glad we rented it first though as its nowhere near as good as the ad's Ive seen for it

Wierd that the game screen is not in wide screen. Graphics not great, game play is a lot better if you have 4 real people playing, computer is very slow.

was a little disappointed with this game. My kids got a bid fed up with having to go back to the board and then do the mini games which lasted less time than the actual board game.

This is an awesome game, loads of genuinly fun mini-games with a great board game scramble for stars. Of course you have to play it in multiplayer, single player is fine but never as fun as when laughing at a mate when he mucks up.

This is a great game, if you have 2 or 3 friends to play with. Single Player is not worth even trying, just plain boring. Great Party game though, plenty of fun with friends.

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