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A mixture of creativity and fast, furious racing, fun, ModNation Racers is great for all the family: beginners and driving pros alike. Each player gets a character and go-kart to customise and modify however they like - then, it's a case of battling it out on a series of awesomely tricky tracks. Jump, boost and swerve your way around all of the tracks together - or with other players online - and then design your own tracks to share with other players around the world.

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Released: 21-05-2010
Rating Info: 7+
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Online is fun but quite competitive. Gets a bit repetitive after a while..

The definitive Kart racing game. Way better than Mario Kart or anything else. It's fun, accessible, but with some depth to the skills required. It has the feeling of an anarchic racer without being too crazy to tell what's going on. Lots of variety and infinite track designs mean it has tons, tons, tons more than any other racer. If you like Kart games look no further than this one. If you don't you might still find some fun with this game.

very good game, its so easy to customise your character to the style you want, and the kart design is good and the track customisation is easy to pick up and play. but this game can be a challange at times and very frustating. but worth a rent to get your imagination a kick start. :)

Really liked how much you could mod your char

Don't be fooled by the demo, which makes this out to be a fairly bland and shallow racer. There's dozens of tracks and they get much more complicated. Gameplay is great, though not the best. The customization options are brilliant, though the chances of creating something that actually get lots of downloads is virtually nil. Fun game, lots of replay value.

Think of Mario Kart on the SNES mixed with Little big planet mixed with fast and furious and you got this game. pretty good. tho can be very hard and annoying. 7/10

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ModNation Racers for PS3 to RentModNation Racers for PS3 to RentModNation Racers for PS3 to Rent

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