Mystery Dungeon Shiren The Wanderer Nintendo DS

Mystery Dungeon Shiren The Wanderer for NINTENDODS to rent
The game takes place in a fantasy version of feudal Japan, and stars a wandering hero named Shiren, and his companion, a weasel named Koppa. They are on a quest for the mystical Land of the Golden Condor, where it is believed to be the home of the legendary and mysterious city of gold, known as El Dorado. This quest has been attempted many times before by other warriors but never completed due to the long, perilous journey it takes to reach the ancient place. Shiren is determined to succeed where none have before and claim the glory of reaching the Land of the Golden Condor.

In this classic RPG, the player moves in a turn-based manner through randomly generated dungeons that provide a great challenge and lasting replay value. The adventure is not for the weak of heart, so advanced tactics and puzzle solving skills are required to survive the treacherous journey. This quest will take the player through a variety of settings, such as caves, forests, mountain passes, and are filled with ferocious monsters, hidden traps, thieves who may steal your equipment or money, and mysterious items to explore.

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Released: 21-03-2008
Rating Info: 7+
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"game is great , excellent graphics, only down side is every time you die you have to start again from the beginning" This game is a rogue like and that is one of the defining features of the genre. You build levels, collect items and then die and start from scratch. The level layouts and item placements are randomly generated each time. As you die (and you will die. Lots.) it advances the plot a little and you'll start to encounter new characters that may or may not help you along the way. It's a fun and surprisingly addictive experience. There are options to preserve your items and you can use the Wi-fi connection to rescue or request a rescue so you can carry on rather than having to start from scratch.

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