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At the turn of the 20th century, when the chaotic badlands began to give way to the expanding reach of government and the spread of the Industrial Age, a former outlaw, John Marston, is sent across the American frontier to help bring the rule of law.

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Released: 21-05-2010
Rating Info: 18
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Red Dead Redemption, what a game! Throughly enjoyed this, probably the only game where you actually connect to the protagonist, John Marston. A great game with twists and turns. Strongly reccommend this game. - GTA meets the Wild West.

What a fantastic game. Who knew a western themed GTA could be so awesome. The game is beautifully laid out, with a great story and lots of interesting characters throughout. I loved the Tarantino style ending and I can't wait for the next Red Dead title.

Playing this game i got bored after a couple hours not much of a story and missions are too much the same

Was looking forward to playing this game for ages however its not that good sadly. The loading times of the game are realyl long and the game itself is so slow I got bored very quickly. The controls are also not that great either. Was very pleased i rented and didnt buy cos after an hour I packed it up and sent it back !!

I remember when rockstar made games that you couldn't put down... this game is dull, repetitive and delusions of GTA. The game is as follows. Watch a 5min cut scene Have a 2min shoot out Ride for 10mins through a desert to the next mission. Then repeat 30-50 times until bored. Rockstar, if im a cowboy i want action, shootouts, bank robberies, attacked by indians, building a gang.... not herding cattle and other boring tasks........

Absolutely an amazing game, absolutely massive game, definitely a game that you rent and don't give back for quite a while. Graphics are great and fluid, the cut scenes can get really annoying at times. Game starts slow but stick with it and you will soon enjoy.

I liked GTA3 Vice City, it had humour and didn't take itself too seriously. Then GTA4 came along and, while it had some humour, was a lot darker. Red Dead Redemption has no humour and it takes itself very seriously. If this is what you like, great, but if you like your games with a dose of down-to-earthiness, then I don't recommend it. For a game that gets you into the shooting, while still giving you a (near literal) sandbox to explore then I'd recommend 2006's Gun.

This game is really really good, much better than GTA4 in my opinion. Rockstar are brilliant again :) Seriously one of the best, most engrossing games I've ever played in my life!

Quality game and great story, ending was brilliant. Multi player is great too and with the new expansions coming I will be hitting the keep button.

Highly addictive. Is that you John Wayne.

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Red Dead Redemption for XBOX360 to RentRed Dead Redemption for XBOX360 to RentRed Dead Redemption for XBOX360 to Rent

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