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Silent Hill Downpour for XBOX360 to rent
Staying true to the franchise's original roots, the game returns with another third person horror experience, and an all new thought provoking storyline. Players will once again find themselves face to face with their deepest sins and fears in the strange world of Silent Hill.

The survival horror experience begins after a prison transport vehicle careens off the road, leaving lone inmate Murphy Pendleton stranded in Silent Hill. Gamers will encounter mind-bending puzzles, as well as horrific creatures and otherworld terrors using everyday objects from wooden chairs to glass bottles to fend off their enemies. The natural response, fight or flight is left to the player as they unravel a dark, thought-provoking storyline which will appeal to fans of the early, classic Silent Hill series, as well as anyone who enjoys a deep, psychological horror experience.

In addition to the main storyline, players will also be presented with variable side quests along the way that can change depending on their play style, revealing unknown evils within the town.

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Released: 30-03-2012
Rating Info: 15
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This has promise and starts well and i forgave the constant frame rate issues and pushed on. I could not forgive how poor the combat is and given the game is heavly combat oriantated it was a deal breaker. A case of so near yet so far. With so many mixed opinions i suggest give it a go and see if it works for you. Sadly not for me

Awesome game i just found it a little to slow!! maybe my tastes have just changed towards titles now

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Silent Hill Downpour for XBOX360 to RentSilent Hill Downpour for XBOX360 to RentSilent Hill Downpour for XBOX360 to Rent

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