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Spec Ops: The Line is a narrative driven, 3rd-person military shooter, set in a sandstorm ravaged, war-torn, present day Dubai.

It's been six months since Dubai was wiped off the map by a cataclysmic sandstorm. Thousands of lives have been lost, including those of American soldiers sent to help evacuate the city. Today, the city lies buried under sand - the world's most opulent ruin.

Now, a radio signal is broadcasting from Dubai. A Delta Force team is sent to infiltrate the city and find its source.

Their mission is simple: Locate survivors and radio for evacuation. What they find is a city in the grip of a violent struggle for control. In order to fulfil their mission, they'll have to find the man at the heart of this madness - the elusive Col. John Konrad.

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Released: 29-06-2012
Rating Info: 18
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Very story orientated shooter and what a story it is. Two playthroughs will net you the full 1000G and no online achievements. If this had some co-op stuff it would been the perfect game.

Fantastic Shooter, breaks the manotamy generic of the Call of Duty generation shutter games.

Surprised how much I enjoyed this, solid shooter with a half decent story line.

Even though the story is short, top notch game all round I give it 10/10

good FPS game.

I liked it but it was very short

Really enojyable game especially for a rental, very good story and fun gameplay throughout

Great game, good storyline, good multiplayer, story goes on choices made throughout the game, shows emotions in a war zone, story was a little short

Campaign was great, great story but campaign was short. Definitely recommend!

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Spec Ops The Line for XBOX360 to RentSpec Ops The Line for XBOX360 to RentSpec Ops The Line for XBOX360 to Rent

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