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Starhawk for PS3 to rent Rent Starhawk on PS3

Released: 11 May 2012

Genre: Shooter

Starhawk is the latest game from both Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios and LightBox Interactive.Announced at E3 2011, Starhawk is a fast paced third-person shooter set in the far reaches of space where peace is a word far to few people have heard of.Starhawk gives players destructive powers to use - has the battlefield become overrun? Call down an airstrike from the orbiting ships in space to even the odds, and even call in offensive and defensive structures in real-time to aid you in the fight.Starhawk will feature a large variety of powerful and deadly weaponry all ready to added to you expansive arsenal. Starhawk will introduce the innovative Build and Battle system which will allow players to dynamically change the battlefield with options to deploy structures, weapons or vehicles right in front of you in real time when you need them!


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Oh what the hell was this!? Its practically an online game where the story mode is a tutorial to the online games. Since this is rented and the online pass does not come with the game then all I could do was the tutorials finished this in about 2 days and was stuck with it for …

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Starhawk for PS3 to RentStarhawk for PS3 to Rent


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