Super Paper Mario Nintendo WII

Super Paper Mario for NINTENDOWII to rent

Mario flips out on an adventure through exciting worlds! Switch from 2D to 3D to avoid enemies, find secret passages, grad hidden items, and shake the Wii Remote for special moves! Power up with new friends and play as Peach and Bowser too!

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Released: 14-09-2007
Rating Info: 3+
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Enjoyable game another typical Mario Brothers platform offering with plently of places to explore and lots of bad guys though the 3d switch makes avoiding them far too easy and you can miss where you are meant to go when you are in 2d mode. But all in all we thoroughly enjoyed it.

amazing game, a lot better than i thought it would be, really long game with interesting story line

This games only down sides are the extremely boring intros and the lack of a two player option. I hired this game because I thought me and my 5 year old son could play 2 player mode together. I was wrong.

a nice hard solid platformer

I very nearly gave up on this game before I even got to start level one, the text just went on forever and I couldn't fathom a way to just skip to the action. Once I eventually did get there the game itself is very good, a typically nice addition to the Mario game family that has clever wii controls. In the end however the text between levels finally became too much and I gave up before finishing it.

You can tell this is a Nintendo game. The level design and gameplay mechanics are amazing, and you'll constantly be surprised at what happens in your world next. The storyline and side stories are really funny, which is rare for a videogame.

Well this is typical Nintendo brilliance. Very original graphics to the game which are a joy to behold. Flipping between 2d and 3d worlds is pretty cool. Like the character switching which enables you to use their different abilities to progress. Clever mix of puzzles and platforming. The only thing that may get annoying is the text when characters are talking. This is by far the best game on the Wii, and is easily recommended DONT MISS IT!!!!!!

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Super Paper Mario for NINTENDOWII to RentSuper Paper Mario for NINTENDOWII to RentSuper Paper Mario for NINTENDOWII to Rent

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