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Tales Of The Abyss (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to rent Rent Tales Of The Abyss (3DS) on Nintendo 3DS

Released: 27 Jan 2012

Genre: RPG

*** Please note: 3DS titles are not compatible with standard Nintendo DS consoles***     The timeless RPG title Tales Of The Abyss from the renowned Tales of series is coming to Europpe and EMEA for the first time on Nintendo 3DS. Tales Of The Abyss was first released on n PlayStation 2 in Japan in 2005, followed by a US rrelease in 2006. Tales Of The Abyss for Nintendo 3DS is an adaptation of the PS2 title for the 3DS handheld system and thhe first time the title has been available in Europe. In Tales Of The Abyss, the player can move freely around enemies creating faster-paced combat. It offers a rich and complex scenario in a fantasy setting with anime-inspired characters designed by the mangaka Kosuke Fujishima.Storyline:Luke fon Fabre, sole heir to a family of aristocrats, was kidnapped seven years ago, and the shock left him with no memories of his life before. For his own protection since his return, he has been confined to a quiet, boring life within the family's residence, learning little of the world beyond the palace walls. Luke is suddenly thrust into the outside world, caught in the workings of the Order of Lorelei, keepers of the prophecy known as the Score. No longer in the shelter of the palace, Luke must get along in the confusing and often hostile world. He knows nothing about those who might be his friends, or those who already are his enemies. Alone, naive, and spoiled, Luke must learn of friendship and sacrifice, of duty and choice, of what is written and what will be. The world collapsing around him, Luke's actions could save the world or destroy it.


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Tales Of The Abyss (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to RentTales Of The Abyss (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to RentTales Of The Abyss (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to Rent


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