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Released: 11-11-2011
Rating Info: 18
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This one of the best games I have everlayed . . . Hours and hours and hours of fun !

Excellent game. Great graphics, Punchy storyline. Great for all RPG gamers

I loved playing this game looking forward to the game of the year edition, as it will have all the DLC inc...A+

My tips for first time play throughs, don't be in a rush to finish the main quest. Enjoy exploring and sidequests.

After playing for 4 solid weeks and 150+ hours, I finally completed everything worth doing and gained the 50 achievements in this game. At times this is the most frustrating game you'll ever play and if it wasn't for Youtube I would of never gotten round some of the quest bugs, glitches that make it impossible to progress. Feels like a game that took 6 years to make but only 6 minutes of games testing before release. However it's the biggest console game you'll ever play, nice spectacular views/graphics and extremely addictive. Hours would pass by without feeling like you've progressed far in the game, there's literally hundreds of destinations and a game that truly takes you away from reality and into the world of Skyrim. If it wasn't for all the bugs, glitches and crashes this game would be a masterpiece. However, it was still an amazing experience and the most fun i've had in a long time. Recommended for casual rpg players and people new to the genre. One final note.. Remember to save your game before you enter any cave, dungeon or anything quest related. This will save you a lot of hassle. Game gets a 80/100 from me, well worth the rent!

Very fun game, had me addicted the whole time. A lot of game play time and so much to do. A few bugs but still doesn't stop it being a Great game

This is simply, one of the best games ever made, Fallout 3 was good, New Vegas to me was just an upgrade, this however blows everything out the water. It is simply staggering in its size, 70+ hours and i have no intention of even thinking about sending it back. This game is mind blowing, and makes you realise how much rubbish you have spent money on in the past!

Skyrim blasts every other 'action/RPG' out of the water!, and it clearly raises the bar for any future releases. It looks great, sounds great, and plays even better. There's soooo much to do, you can lose hours doing side quests, various jobs, or even hunting the wildlife. The map, missions, and people are varied (it's amazing how much Bethesda have fit on the disk). It's a clear contender for 'Game Of The Year', and definitely worth buying (or renting if your unsure)

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