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Virtues Last Reward (PSVita) for PSVITA to rent Rent Virtues Last Reward (PSVita) on PSVITA

Released: 23 Nov 2012

Genre: Action/Adventure

*** Please Note PlayStation Vita titles are not compatible with standard Sony PSP consoles ***Everybody dies... ...can you escape the inescapable?Kidnapped and taken to a mysterious warehouse, Sigma awakens in an elevator with a girl named Phi. He soon discovers that there are seven others playing a sick game of life or death with guidance from a mysterious rabbit named Zero III.Their mission: survive and escape the warehouse. But with secrets, betrayal and intrigue everywhere, who will survive this warehouse of hell?


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Best Vita game bar none.

Virtues Last Reward (PSVita) for PSVITA to RentVirtues Last Reward (PSVita) for PSVITA to RentVirtues Last Reward (PSVita) for PSVITA to Rent


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