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NHL 07

NHL 07 for PS2 to buy

The golden era of hockey videogames is back with NHL 07. Console hockey now rivals its counterpart on the ice with an unmatched level freedom and control.
NHL 07 puts you in total command with a revolutionary new Skill Stick system. Never take your hands off the analog sticks as you take complete control of all skating on the left, and - for the first time in a hockey videogame - passing will use an intuitive motion on the right analog stick to execute with precision. Feel like a part of the team with a level of passing fluidity that allows you to implement a realistic team strategy. Look to your teammates and know how to best use their strengths with New Player-Specific Behaviors. Play the game like you do on the ice: Be the Playmaker and find your Sniper open in the slot, or let your Dangler make pylons out of the defense. Off the ice, act as the General Manager in an enhanced Dynasty Mode. Do whatever it takes to meet an owner's expectations by properly managing rosters and using your creativity to fit player salaries under the new cap.
Whether you're running the front office or dominating the rink, NHL 07 is the most intuitive and realistic hockey experience ever created.

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Released: 22-09-2006
Rating Info: 16+
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The last time I played NHL on a gaming system was on the Sega Megadrive! The game (in terms of AI & graphics etc.) has moved on a fair bit since then. However, so has the complexity in terms of playing it. I found the controls difficult, and didn't flow as well as other sports games (Fifa 07 for example), so spoilt my enjoyment of this one a bit. All in all, not too bad, but not one for me.


NHL 07 for PS2 to buyNHL 07 for PS2 to buy


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