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Rocksmith 2014

Rocksmith 2014 for XBOX360 to buy

The next edition of the game includes the Session mode, which allows guitarists to select a custom band to play songs with. Cantrell chose a four-piece backing band with drums, bass, rhythm guitar, and keyboards to back him in a song.

Buy Rocksmith 2014 on XBOX360

Released: 25-10-2013
Rating Info: 12+
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What can i say about this game apart from that its simply amazing when locksmith came out it was fantastic however certain problems began to surface turning a great learning experience into moment of pure frustration but with locksmith 2014 all of that has been readdressed making for a faster flawless experience with great games great modes and more importantly great songs to learn this truly is the ultimate experience if i had to pick any bad point it would be the lack of ability to record your own jams in the amazing session mode and the amour or time you have to tune the guitar due to the authentic tunings now put in to the game but really i am just nit picking as the game is that good so got get a guitar and get this game as it truly can make you a better musician


Rocksmith 2014 for XBOX360 to buyRocksmith 2014 for XBOX360 to buyRocksmith 2014 for XBOX360 to buy


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