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Want to rent PS4 & Xbox One Games?

Will you be renting PS4 and Xbox One games?
Yes, we are planning to rent these games from the console launch dates.

When can I add PS4 and Xbox One games to my list?
You should be able to add these games to your list from early November. We will notify you when this is live.

Will there be different rental packages?
We hope to integrate these new formats into our existing package structure.
Will I have to pay more to rent PS4 and Xbox One games?
These games will probably be more expensive than the current generation and so, it is possible that not all packages will include them. We will provide updates as soon as we can.

Will I be able to rent PS4 and Xbox One games on a free trial?
This has not been decided, however, it is likely that we will give priority to paying customers.

PS4 & Xbox One Game Rental

As we build up to the launch of the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, you can be sure that Boomerang, the UK's leading independent video game rental site, will bring you all the games you need to get your next-gen gaming experience off to the best possible start.

With the Xbox One set to be released on November 22, and the PS4 UK release date confirmed as November 29, you may already be thinking about the games you'd like to get your hands on first. That's where we come in. We will be stocking every launch title possible*, and one monthly subscription** will get you access to the full line up*.

Remember you can play our Xbox One or Playstation 4 rental games as long as you like, and then either can send them back for more, or keep'em, the decision is yours.

*Visit site for confirmation of titles for rent.
**Not all packages will have access to PS4 and Xbox One games.


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