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Looking for Pre-owned PS3 Games?

   Rent PS3 Games

 from only £3.99 per month*

   Buy PS3 Games

  from only £5.99

I play pre-owned PS3 Games, why is your service better for me?

It's simple, renting PS3 games instead of buying pre-owned will save you time, hassle and money!

And it's not just older PS3 games, our Unlimited and Priority packages, include new releases for as little as £9.99 a month.

So, the days of trawling the internet looking for the best used deal and then trawling the internet again to sell your game could be over. And with over 1,000 PS3 titles, you will never be short of something to play.

Is your service easier to use than buying used PS3 games?

Playing PS3 games with us is easy, once you have signed up to the free trial, add some games to your list, and we will despatch your first game usually within 24-48 hours.

Then, once you have finished a game, you simply post it back for another. No hassle of trying to find the best trade-in deal on the pre-owned game you just bought.

Are your games in good condition?

Yes, we guarantee the condition of our games, we are that confident, you will receive games in excellent condition. Just like if you by a pre-owned game.

So, if you receive one that doesn't play all the way through, we will replace it and send you an additional game to play, for free!*

What about Postage?

With our service, postage to you and back to us is free. We pay for First Class post and so usually it takes only a day or 2 for the game to arrive.

Our PS3 games are delivered in small packets that easily fit through a standard letterbox, so again, no waiting in or annoying "You Were Out" cards!

We use Royal Mail, both ways, so you are never far from somewhere to post your current game back to us!

I buy pre-owned because I like to play a game in full, can I still do this?

Yes, and at just £9.99 a month for an unlimited package, it will still work out cheaper and certainly less hassle than buying pre-owned games and then having to trade it in later.

Pre-owned or Used PS3 Games? - Here's a great alternative!

We can offer you a great alternative to pre-owned or used games, because as the UK's leading Online Video Game Rental site, we can offer you a huge range of PS3 games and remove the hassle of trading them in.

Not only that, we will probably save you money with over a thousand different PS3 titles available to rent, and packages from as little as £3.99 a month!

With so many games to play, Boomerang offers you the best way of playing through this huge range, without the pre-owned hassle!

We offer a 21 day free trial, so you can try our service to see if it is right for you and after that, you can cancel anytime.

Not only that, you can play our games for as long as you like, and then simply send them back for more. .

So, why not switch to Boomerang today? Try us, for free, and then save a lot of time, hassle and money!

*Subscription Service only.


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