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PS4 Virtual Reality Games


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Will you be renting PS4 Virtual Reality (VR) Games?

Yes, we are planning to rent these games from the launch of the PlayStation VR Headset.

When can I add these games to my List?

You should be able to add these games to your list from a few weeks before Launch, however, this is subject to us receiving the relevant product information, so this may change.

Will there be different rental packages?

We aim to integrate these new games into our existing package structure.

Will I have to pay more to rent PS4 Virtual Reality games?

No. Initially you will need an Unlimited or Priority package, but as these games become older they will filter down to the lower packages as with other games.

Will I be able to rent PS4 VR games on the Free trial?

Initially no, but as the games become older, they will, after 3 months or so from Launch, start to become available to rent in the Free Trial.

I want to join your service to rent VR games straight away, what should I do?

All you need to do, is sign up for the free trial as normal and then set your account live. You will then be able to add VR Games to your rental list.

Will these games become Bonus Games?

Yes, after a few months, these games will become Bonus Games. You can then rent them as additional games, using your Payback Points.

Sony PS4 VR Game Rental

As we build up to the launch of the new Sony PlayStation VR Headset and games, you can be sure that Boomerang, the UK's leading video game rental site, will bring you all the games possible, to satisfy your VR Gaming needs.

The new headset won't be cheap, so why not save yourself some cash and rent the games from us?

We have supported every new launch since 2006 and Virtual Reality will be no different.

With the Sony VR headset launch on 13th October 2016, you can be sure that we will stock every game possible*, so whether its traditional or VR games you want to play, you need only one subscription!**

Remember you can play our rental games as long as you like, and then either can send them back for more, or keep 'em, the decision is yours.Visit our site now to start your 21 day Free Trial, the first 3 games are free!

*Visit site for confirmation of titles for rent.
**Not all packages will have access to PS4 VR games at launch


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