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Customer Comments

Our aim to offer you the best service possible, not just in terms of price, but also making sure you get to rent the games you want and that, when you need it, you get great customer service.

Been with Boomerang for nearly 10 years now and never had any problems with them. Absolutely amazing gaming service and saved me thousands of pounds. The website is amazing and the catalogue of games is amazing!
David, 2nd May 2022

I'm going to be one of those "I rarely leave a review" guys, but I've got to give credit where it's due. I've been a member for a couple of months now and find the service faultless so far.
T, 13th April 2022

Brilliant service I've been using this service for a couple of years now and honestly I don't know what I'd do without them! Plenty of options and I always get my new releases if there in my waiting list.
Nathan, 13th January 2022

Boomerang have been delivering the same high level of service to me for years now. The rental plans they have a brilliantly priced and their payback points really make the difference too. If you ever need a hand with something, their super helpful in the phone as well! Other companies should really strive to be like this one. Thanks Boomerang!
Nathaniel, London 12/08/2021

Fantastic service. The staff are always happy to help you, their library is constantly updated and games are sent out really quick. Easily the best rental service out there!
Sharnine, Shropshire 30/07/2021

We love boomerang always a friendly service and helpful with any query we have, game delivery is prompt and always excellent condition. New releases are quick too.
Timothy, Leicester 02/07/2021

Boomerang provides an invaluable service. Saves me hundreds of pounds renting rather than buying. They have a range of packages for all budgets and have great customer service. I’ve gotten games on release day before too. Just great!
Lee, Fife 26/06/2021

I’ve used Boomerang now for a few years, I don’t know when it was I last bought a game! Renting is the way in my opinion and their service has always been quick with delivery’s. I love their service and would highly recommend.
Philip, Manchester 24/05/2021

Saved a fortune getting games through Boomerang. Been able to play some games that I was kind of interested in but not enough to spend £30+ on them. As long as you complete two games in a year the service pays for itself. Very good value.
Gordon, Bangor 02/12/20

Amazing service, if you're a gamer and are on a budget, this is the best way to play the top games, new releases at a low monthly cost. No return dates, also if you like the game, you can buy it there and then.
Daniel, Rotherham 18/11/20

Don't know what I'd do without this company. Epic customer service. Never ever!, let me down. Genuinely great company and helpful staff
Michael, Midlands 20/11/20

This rental service is top notch. Saved alot of cash and played all the top games I wanted this year. Then instead of game gathering dust when finished I send it back for free and get another new game, win win for a fraction of buying games!
Phillip, Tregedar 02/12/20

Excellent value for money and really good customer service. Can get brand new games on release without paying £60
Farrah, Walsall 02/11/20

Absolutely outstanding service games always sent on time and always a good selection to choose from. Been with them for a few years and saved over 2000 pounds.
Mike, Ayrshire 18/11/20

Brilliant service. Quick turnaround on returns and sending out next rentals. Website indicates waiting times on titles so you can reorganise your rental list accordingly. Quick response time to messages too! Recommend this service at every opportunity!!

Rob, Huntingdon 02/01/20

They provide a very easy to use service which has literally saved me hundreds of pounds over the last couple of years and I can't recommend them enough.

Richard, Dumfermline 15/12/19

Boomerang is a great service have used them for years ever since lovefilm stopped, worth the money and it doesn't allow you to commit a high price for a game you may not enjoy
Kyle, Didcot 15/10/19

Brilliant service, has saved me loads of money. Already recommended you guys to a couple of friends and I’m going to keep doing it.
Chris, London 15/7/19

Brilliant service, really friendly and helpful customer service. Great price for all budgets which means rich or poor parents can have access to all the latest games for the kids. Absolutely brilliant company and look forward to using for years
Simon, Northwich 15/7/19

Excellent service. Quick turn around of games, and if ever I have had an issue the customer service dept was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this service. I have saved so much money and broadened my gaming horizon.
Richard, Hanwell 14/7/19

Boomerang are excellent, and have saved me £1000's Quite literately thousands of pounds, no messing about trading old games in. Rent a game, keep it as long as you want then sent it back and get another one. Perfect
Steven, Hoddlesden 15/7/19

They have some of the best customer service I have experienced and have such a wide range of games. Recommend to everyone I know
Stuart, Ashford 14/07/19

There service is quick very cheap and a fantastic selection of games and great rewards
Richard, Darlington 16/7/19

They have a wide selection of games for you to rent. The prices for their service is more than reasonable and they send brand new released games to you on release day as well all while letting you keep the games for as long as you want.
Jonathan, London 1/10/18

Brilliant service! Easy to use, fast delivery and great customer service if you are any problem. I couldn’t praise them enough, they’ve saved me so much money. Would Highly recommend to anyone
Nathan, Mansfield, 23/9/18

Great value for money and convenient for renting games. Allows you to catch up on all those games that you want to give a try but are too expensive to buy. Great customer service from people who genuinely seem to want to help
Sam, Plymouth, 15/09/18

They have a wide selection of games for you to rent. The prices for their service is more than reasonable and they send brand new released games to you on release day as well all while letting you keep the games for as long as you want.
Jonathan, London 15/9/18

Brilliant service! Easy to use, fast delivery and great customer service if you are any problem. I couldn’t praise them enough, they’ve saved me so much money. Would Highly recommend to anyone
Nathan, Mansfield 1/10/18

Great value for money and convenient for renting games. Allows you to catch up on all those games that you want to give a try but are too expensive to buy. Great customer service from people who genuinely seem to want to help
Sam, Plymouth 23/09/18

Fast and effective game relief. Amazing selection of games delivered with great speed and efficiency. Customer service team are extremely helpful when dealing with problems. No complaints at all after 3 years using them.
Bradley, Redditch, 12/07/18

Once I started using the service I saved so much money.  The great thing about no late fees is that all I had to do was finish playing the game and then send it back and they send the next one afterwards. Packages suit whatever budget you have.
Fraser, Edingburgh, 09/07/2018

 Perfect company for game rentals! Amazing service, always getting games on release day and an excellent customer service!!!
James, Corby, 06/07/2018

Excellent customer service, new games on release day. Earn points to use on purchases if you have a slot free and are waiting on a game so also good for buying titles both new and ex-rental. Saved me a four digit amount of money already.
Steph, Aberdeen, 03/07/2018

The smoothness in the service they provide is second to none. I have already recommended Boomerang rentals to all my friends, all of which now have accounts with them.
Dave, Cumbria, 25/06/2018

Always helpful. Everything always delivered on time and all in all an amazing company. I recommend to all of my friends and anyone I ever meet who is looking for a company like this.
Adam, Lincolnshire, 20/06/2018

The smoothness in the service they provide is second to none. I have already recommended Boomerang rentals to all my friends, all of which now have accounts with them.
Dave, Cumbria, 25/07/2018

Always helpful. Everything always delivered on time and all in all an amazing company. I recommend to all of my friends and anyone I ever meet who is looking for a company like this.
Adam, Lincolnshire, 20/07/2018

Excellent service. I have been with Boomerang for years and have always been extremely satisfied with their service. They have a good stock of games, and the speed at which games are sent out is very quick.
Peter, Exeter, 30/05/2018

Superb Service, saves us so much money each year! My kids play a game for 2 or 3 days and then want something else. Boomerang saves us so much money, as soon as we want a new game, they send it back and the new one arrives after just a couple of days!
Tim, West Yorkshire, 29/05/2018

No comparison! They are the best! Boomerang have saved me thousands and avoided a few terrible games in the process. The service is flawless and will continue to use them for years to come!
Stephen, Guildford, 23/05/2018

Boomerang at its best!!! Fantastic rental service, couldn't recommend highly enough! Best decision I ever made joining these guys.
Natasha, East London, 20/05/2018

Hands down, the best video game rental service! Excellent service, always able to play the latest games without paying the extortionate prices. Staff are fantastic, always able to solve all problems with a tweet, email or phone call.
Martyn, Lancashire, 16/05/2018

Outstanding service for me over the last five years, always get new releases in a short timeframe, and never had an issue with delivery or quality, very good service and would (and have) been recommending it to every gamer I know.
Paul, Great Yarmouth, 11/05/2018

Boomerang as a service is amazing. It's cheap, saving me thousands over the years by removing the need to buy games. The games always arrive quickly, even if they are delayed I'm repayed with points I can actually use
Connor, Shrewsbury 09/04/2018

Fantastic service!!! Easy to use service, good value for money and it's great that you can keep hold of the games for as long as you need without incurring additional charges. I recommend the service to anyone who'll listen.
Michael, Morecambe, 07/04/2018

Boomerang's basically the most fantastic video-game renting website and I'm proud to be a member. With a wide variety of video games on most consoles, very reasonable pricing and no-late fees, this is just simply pure bliss for any gamers who want to try new games before they buy.
Jason, Stevenage, 06/04/2018

Well worth it for any gamer on a budget. Excellent service. prompt delivery. Always there to help with any issues. Quick response time and a friendly attitude!
Mark, Dunstable, 06/04/2018

Best way to play the latest games. Excellent value for money, brilliant service, both in communication and delivery speeds! Never have to wait too long for a new release (if at all)!
Jamie, Stockport, 03/03/2018

I love this service! Great value for money. Its the best service out there for gaming on a budget. The customer service is excellent and the website offers a massive variety of games on each platform.
Stuart, Morecambe, 03/04/2018

Never had any problems yet. Been renting since ps3 days and been excellent. Excellent service. Have recommended to many people. Massive savings on those games you want to play but not committed to buying. Fast pre paid post and good customer service
Richard, Thamesmead , 02/04/2018

I have been with boomerang games rentals for years now I cannot fault them on renting or buying games from them, excellent service all year round!
Cameron, Grimsby, 31/03/2018

Great idea and great service. Never had any issues! Great selection of old and new games and the service is great . Been using them a while now and never had a problem.
Marcus, East London, 25/03/2018

Couldn't live without it. The service is great, my games normally turn up within a few days or on the release date. Saved alot of money and its so easy to use.
Thomas, Exeter 09/01/2018

This service is on a par with Amazon Prime! Have always received a fast and pleasant service. Highly recommended as it's the only place that has the biggest games on release that you can try before you buy!
Dee, London 05/01/2018

Great Value for money. A great range of packages to suit my budget and it also saves me money in the long run rather than buying games outright.
Fraser, East Stirling 03/01/2018

Top Service. Excellent! Prompt delivery, simple to use website. Great value.
Paul, South Wales 03/01/2018

Excellent service. Highly recommended. Always very helpful and quick during communications and they consistently provide an excellent service.
Timothy, Cornwall 30/12/2017

Money saving with A* service! Highly recommend boomerang to all my friends! Such a great service.. Great game library, and the bonus points system is great too!
Robert, London 23/12/2017

A fantastic rental service , have been a member for over a year now and am never disappointed. Great customer service and game delivery is extremely reliable. Would recommend to anyone who also enjoys gaming and for a good price.
Jamie, Newcastle 17/12/2017

Great service, I get to play new games without the huge price tag. Never had a major long wait, there's plenty of games to choose from, would defo recommend.
Claire, Derby 09/11/2017

Overall amazing. Very good price for the service you get, games dispatched quickly, brilliant customer service who can help with anything and everything and talk you through it all ensuring you are satisfied.
Thomas, Gwent 09/11/2017

Brilliant. I have been with Boomerang for a few years now quick and Reliable service brilliant rental game site!
Matthew, Inverness 03/11/2017

Fantastic, second to none! Fantastic service with all the top games available. Easy returns process and very quick turnaround with the next game. Simple process for picking games, would never have been able to afford half of the games I have rented.
Louise, Cambridgeshire 27/10/2017

Video game rental at its best! Excellent, fast and reliable service that has saved me hundreds of pounds. I have and will recommend this service to anyone who enjoys gaming.
Tom, South Wales 22/10/2017

Gaming made much more affordable!! Such an amazing and cost saving service. Excellent quick customer service, prompt deliveries and saved loads on not having to buy games.
Douglas, East London 20/10/2017

Perfect, couldnt ask for more. Allows me to play a lot of games I otherwise would never pick up due to the cost of buying them myself.
Matthew, Oxford 08/09/2017

Excellent service for gamers! I'm very happy with the service from Boomerang so far, their prices are reasonable, they send games out quickly and have a great selection. Best option for someone who wants to try out loads of games.
Roz, Bristol 06/09/2017

Pure Greatness! Great quality service. Cheap prices and great packages. Also the service is very fast and reliable. I've had no problems with Boomerang so far would deffo continue to use this service.
Callum, Derby 02/09/2017

I would just like to say your service is very top notch. I can't complain a single bit. The games are delivered in 2-3 days and the price is great.
Callum, Belfast 30/08/2017

I have a constant supply of games available to me at a really good price. When I'm done with a game I post it back, they recieve it next day and they post my next game out that same day and I recieve it the following day. Absolutely brilliant service, couldn't recommend them enough.
Gary, Gloucester 29/08/2017

Amazing service and great value for money. I am using the basic subscription and it served me well. So far I received all the games I wanted in order I wanted. When I send a game back usually I have the new game within 3 days.

Daniel, Guildford 27/08/2017

Excellent service. As soon as my game is received another is sent out if available straight away no delay. The mobile site is easy to use and lets you know the waiting time for each game.
Jerry, London 19/08/2017

Great value, good selection of games. Perfect, couldnt ask for more. Allows me to play a lot of games I otherwise would never pick up due to the cost of buying them myself.
Matthew, Cumbria 14/08/2017

This service is wonderful, as someone who doesn't have the money to buy many new games being able to rent games and play them through Boomerang has been very easy and convenient. The speed of the game delivery is fast, the packaging is secure.

Guy, Basildon 8/08/2017

Recommend again and again to everyone! These guys are prompt with sending new releases, and have brilliant customer service with quick responses.
Chris, Newton Mearns, 5/08/2017

Pure greatness! Great quality service. Cheap prices and great packages. Also the service is very fast and reliable. I've had no problems with boomerang so far would continue to use this service.
Callum, Swansea, 1st August 2017

Really good service, customer support always comes accross as well informed and polite. Would certainly recommend to anyone.
Tim, Essex, 27th July 2017

Been using Boomerang for a few years, TBH, as far as my gaming needs go, I wouldnt know what to do without this service!

Tam, Surrey, 22nd July 2017

Hope to use this service for a long time! Very quick turnaround on delivery and returns. Good loyalty scheme. Very little waiting for new/top games.
Paul, North London, 2nd July 2017

This company is easily the best subscription that I have ever paid for! It has been a lifesaver for games over the past few years and I recommend it to everybody that I know. Keep up the amazing work!
Paul, Cardiff, 28th June 2017

Very fast and reliable service, very impressed with what the site has to offer and not to mention fast delivery too.
Aileen, Kilmarnock, 25th June 2017

Staff are always quick to respond to messages and always know the right answer. Great service made even easier to use by a great workforce!
Carl, York, 22nd June 2017

I smash through a brand new game or 2 every month or so! Would recommend this to anyone who plays games
Adam, West Cumbria, 17th June 2017


Can't fault the service. Excellent for new releases. Saved me thousands....
Tom, Huddersfield, 15th June2017

Excellent service, excellent value. Saved lots of cash over the years. Over 6000 to be exact. Always had friendly customer service who have always helped with any and every problem.
John, Cheshire, 13th June 2017

Great service for trying games before you buy! The boomerang service is great. The website is easy to use and I can re-prioritise the games I want sent through very easily.
Andrew, Mansfield, 12th June 2017

Quick delivery and no hassle. Tried a competitor and waited over a week to receive a game. With boomerang it literally takes a day. Good selection, good service.
Gideon, South London, 8th June 2017

The best online games rental service in the UK! Have been a loyal customer for many years. Have recommended to all my gamer mates. Incredibly quick turnaround. If I could give them more than 10 out of 10 I would!
Eddie, Norwich 6th June 2017

Very helpful, great service. The live chat is a very effective way to check queries without getting a headache!
Dan, Rugby, 3rd June 2017

A*! I love this service so easy to use, very good to deal with sort any problems out so fast and easy would recommend to anyone who loves to game and save money.
Joanna, Cumbria, 2nd June 2017

A must for gamers! Boomerang never miss a beat. New releases arrive on release day. Other games arrive in a couple of days as soon I add it to my list. Communication is excellent and the incentives are worthwhile.
Tom, Huddersfield, 25th May 2017

I rarely buy games now!

Prompt delivery.
Can rent the games for a substantial period. Good when busy with work and only able to play games in the evening.
Great selection of titles.
Very convenient.
Adam, Boston, 24th May 2017

From customer service to just simply dispatching the games on time, they are one of the best company's i have ever been subscribed to and i don't plan on leaving anytime soon.
Ian, Scunthorpe, 24th May 2017

Best service ever for gamers! Definitely one of my favourite services ever, their range of games are extraordinary and the delivery times are exceptionally fast! Also, it saves a hell of a lot of money, thanks!
Chris, Luton, 17th May 2017

Great service! Save lots of money! I have been using boomerang now for a few years and I love it! Super good way to play all the new games out but without the massive price tag!
Kelsie, Belfast, 16th May 2017

Very professional and friendly service every time I contact them, either via phoning or online chat. Get discs promptly and their value for money is second to none! Very happy with their services so far and thank you from a satisfied customer.
Jon, Cheshire 14th May 2017

Best place to rent games that you just want to try out. I used this on the past to rent story games since there is no reason to buy it. Great service and super fast delivery. Definitely recommend as it saves you a lot of money.
Tracy, Walthamstow, 12th May 2017

Boomerang rentals is a great service and is also value for money! There is a huge selection of games that I can rent and I have saved at least 1500 since signing up! Keep up the amazing work guys....
Shawn, West London, 11th May 2017

Have recommended to friends, service is always excellent with quick delivery at all times, truly great service and I'll be a long time customer from here
Steve, Manchester 28th April 2017

' Top quality service '

I've saved around 2,000 pound by renting with Boomerang instead of buying the games, leaving me with more money to buy consoles, pc parts and peripherals.
Richard, Newton Abbot 19th April 2017

I have been a very happy customer of Boomerang ever since I joined. There delivery is fast and excellent. They have great customer service and are a really friendly company. I have not regretted ever joining them.

Marc, Cornwall, 18th April 2017

' The service is really outstanding '

I am really happy with the service I am receiving it gives me the chance to try games before I buy them I would recommend boomerang to other gamers
James, Loughborough 18th April 2017

Top notch service! Used Boomerang for a few years now and the service is second to none, and the customer service is also brilliant.
Jeff, Bournemouth, 12th April 2017

Great value for money if you burn through games or even if you don't! Never and any problems with them, I have rented lots of games I would have normally purchased and got bored of, so I save so much money using this service.
Ryan, London, 11th April 2017

Best rental company!Excellent service and saves me time and disappointment when you rent a game that's not very good. saves me money!
Gary, Norfolk, 11th April 2017

Excellent customer service as always! Wouldn't use any other gaming rental company and recommend it to all of my family and friends!
Nicole, Wolverhampton 4th April 2017

Great service usually get the games I have in my top 10 on the same day as I've returned the last disc. On the one time I have had an issue with a damaged disc they sent me another game out immediately Can't recomend highly enough!
Martin, Glasgow 1st April 2017

I love being able to rent games before I buy gives me the chance to see if I like them plus the speed of turn around is awesome giving the opportunity to play more for the price of the monthly payments if I have problems I always get a fast response.

Paul, Lincoln City 25th March 2017

Quick delivery, great customer service, 10/10. So happy to have found these guys, I can't stand buying games, playing them for a few weeks and then selling them for half the price. For 3.99 a month and with no late fees this is the best subscription I have.

Lewis, Manchester 23rd March 2017

' Boomerang is excellent! '

Love boomerang, great value for money and an excellent way to test-drive (new) games (before buying).
Stijn, London, 28th January 2017

' Amazing company. No need to buy games any more '

Such a brilliant service. Great customer service.
Jamie, Edinburgh, 26th January 2017

' Excellent Service! '

Boomerang is ace, they will do everything they can in their power to help you. I always recommend Boomerang to friends!
Jason, Kent, 24th January 2017

' Great service '

A member for more than 2 years and loving the service. As a priority member I get the new releases on the day they come out.
Gillian, Tamworth, 23rd January 2017

' Awesome Service '

Top notch service. All AAA titles on release day, saving me hundreds of pounds. The customer service is also the best ive ever had to deal with, nothing is too much trouble for Dom.
Would highly recommend.
Peter, Glasgow 23rd January 2017

With the ability to try games before i buy them is amazing also with the games i hire if i like them i have the option then to buy them and keep them, i would highly recommend this site/service to any gamer out there.
Sam, Weybourne 14th January 2017

Amazing service, very easy to use and great to try out as many games as possible.

Thomas, Leeds 14th January 2017

' Booom. Boomerang rentals class '

I love boomerang rentals ,easy convenient, quick turn around of games and so many good titles to choose from on all platforms I really could not ask for any more, sure beats the old blockbuster way of renting games.
Matthew, Cumbria 13th January 2017

The best game rental service available. Despatch times are quick and the customer service is excellent 5 stars from me.
David, Runcorn, 12th January 2017

Great service and great rental packages

5 star customer service never had any issues would recommend to all
Richard, London 13th January 2017

Fantastic service would recommend to everyone!

Fantastic excellent value and best service I've received from any company and you get loads of bonus with the option to buy the games you rent at the cheapest price.
Claire, Blackwood, 18th November 2016

Fantastic! I have saved so much money with this service and am always up to date with the latest games..... Very easy to use and love that I get points while waiting for my next rental to get free games or discounts on game purchases.
Russell, Basingstoke, 8th November 2016

Fantastic service. Highly recommended.

Fantastic service. Games arrive promptly and on time. I rarely have to wait long to receive newer titles even when they're in high demand. Their customer service is also excellent.
James, Luton, 26th October 2016


Boomerang have always provided a swift and reliable service. When I have required to contact them, they have been available, polite and efficient.

Carl, Grimsby 26th October 2016

'Great service unlike any other, never had a problem..... there are 12 month bulk purchases available for discounted prices, I have paid for 3 years in advance.
Luke, London, 23rd October 2016

'Excellent value excellent service'

Games always arrive on time. This service represents excellent value for money. I have saved 100s of pounds using boomerang. Highly recommended!
Lee, Cannock, 23rd October 2016

'Excellent customer service, incredibly efficient'

Excellent customer service and nothing is ever a problem, been a regular customer now for years and it saves a lot of money which is great
Chris, Ballymena, 20th October 2016

Boomerang is great! Not only do you save money you get to play games without worrying you've wasted your money and play games which you are unsure about. New games come instantly if you have them on your list which is a very nice feature.
Cormac, UK, 19th September 2016

Great games on offer for great monthly prices. Recommended a friend recently who is just on the trial and is loving it.

I have purchased a game from them and they send a case over for the game asap which is great. Communication is brilliant.
Max, UK, 17th September 2016

Excellent service the price is great considering how much the games would cost u too actually buy them no late fees great selection of games even if your waiting for a game your still gaining as they will give points towards bonus rentals + much more.
Ross, Chorley, 15th September 2016

I've used other game rental companies in the past, but none have been as quick and professional as Boomerang.

When I've need to contact customer care, they've responded very promptly.

An example of their speed, is when I put No Man's Sky on my list....... of games to rent and it arrived on the day of release.
Christopher, Birmingham, 24th August 2016

Fast efficient rental service. Excellent condition games often arriving on day of release. Amazing value for money especially for games you like the look of but don't want to buy.
Rob, North West, 16th September 2016

Never had an issue with boomerang. Games are always sent out quick and after a year not had one complaint. Awesome service and saved me a fortune purchasing games that either complete in less than a week or get bored with.
Lee, Yorkshire, 24th August 2016

Website is easy to use it has a simple interface which is fully operational, delivery service is spot on disks are well protected in a soft plastic jewel case unlike previous rental services I've used, no problems here happy customer A+++
Christopher O, Redcar, 12th July 2016

Absolutely fantastic service, have recommended it to several friends. Very impressed with the quality, cleanliness and ease of use of the website and the way the mobile site works brilliantly across all my devices (android tab and windows phone).

Paul, London, 1st July 2016

Outstanding service! I have never had to buy a ps4 game again! Excellent prices for what you get but best of all the customer service and response times are amazing! One of the best companies I've had a pleasure dealing with.

Jamie, Scotland, 29th June 2016

Boomerang Games Rental has really impressed me, I received every game I wanted from my rental list. I received many games on the day of release including call of duty black ops 3, Unchartered thefis end, UFC 2 and so many others
Chirag, London, 22nd June 2016

Boomerang is AMAZING if you are a gamer, great prices and a great service too. I would recommend Boomerang to anyone who likes playing games. I have saved thousands over the years, what I like the best is that there are no late fees to pay so you can have the game as long as you like which I think is Amazing.
Sophia, North West, 11th June 2016

I do not usually give feedback to companies but over the past few years Boomerang's customer service has exceeded my expectations time and time again.They responded extremely quickly and have always exceeded my expectations. Thank you
Andy F, Southend. November 5th 2015

I am a returning customer and I hope nothing has changed since my last visit, because I have to say that every experience I have had with your customer service team was wonderful. It is rare to find a business who just takes care of problems in a timely and professional way like you guys do. On the behalf of all your customers thank you for the efforts. Keep it up.
Mehdi C, London, 15th November 2015

Always very friendly customer service. In addition the general service and turn around of games I am receiving is amazing. I hope boomerang remains around for a very long time. I enjoy very much using your service! Thanks again
William T, Horsham, Wednesday 4th November 2015

Please allow me to thank you for the fast and friendly service as well as the customer support. Every issue I've ever had is sorted out within a couple of days, I've been with boomerang for over two years and so far I've had 3 problems, all of which were minor and solved quickly. Can't recommend them enough Thank you
Paul C, Chesterfield, 9th October 2015

very easy to use and a great site in general great service great everything well worth the money
George D, Surrey. 9th October 2015

staff on the end of the phone are amazing. always very helpful and knows his games!!!!
Becky, Swindon

Always a quick and effective response, staff that clearly know their product and their market demographic. 10/10
David Wright, Edinburgh

Keep up the fabulous work. I think you are an amazing company.
Lisa Sant, Newcastle, 1st October 2015

Always the latest games, great service, great customer service, i can't find a single complaint about the site, or the service, i have been with boomerang for nearly 4 years and i am not leaving anytime soon. Thanks guys for an amazing work.

Yared P, Great Yarmouth, 17th September 2015

This has to be the best game renting site in England, Very quick delivery and great customer service Ive recommended to a few friends. Keep up the good work!
Arron K, London. 7th September 2015

Thank you very much for sending out a new box for me! You did not need to do that - that is customer service above and beyond in my opinion - thank you!!!!
Dan H, 21 July 2015

Thank you for providing such a great service! I think its amazing how quickly I can receive a new game once posted. The feature of receiving your days back if not despatched within 24hrs to use in 'Free Months Rentals' is just another amazing feature of the service you provide.

Since joining Boomerang I have been so delighted with your services that I have recommended it to all my friends that own a games console to try out this service as its a great money saving way to rent games online.

H Halford, Kent, 10 June 2015

Each time I have contacted Customer Service I have been met with great manners and respect.
Guest User, 3 January 2015

Just want to say, i was a bit skeptical about the service at first, but this service is amazing, great value for money and just all round brilliant
Samuel J, Hartlepool, 9th December 2014

When I had an issue with one of the games I rented I sent an email saying so and got a quick and very nice reply and was given a replacement game and the next game on my list :) All in all I am very happy with the service. Keep up the great work guys :)
Simon, 24th November 2014

They always respond to me in 48 Hours and always have a solution to fix my problems. Couldn't be better, Always there when you need them, Always looking out for their customers. Well done Boomerang keep up the good work.
Travis, 25th November 2014

Love the site what a service always game dispatched when available, get new games on day of launch. If you're a gamer you have to join this service.
Paul, Manchester, 17th October 2014

As I have just started using the service, I was unsure how it worked and had not had a dispatch confirmation after 5 days. After emailing your team for some information and advice, it was explained to me why my selection may have taken a little longer than anticipated and the adviser was kind enough to move the next billing date back to compensate. Not only that, but I was told my selection was put on priority and I got a dispatch confirmation email later that day. Very impressed with the excellent customer service. Thank you!
Michael, Bucks, 21st October 2014

Just like to say ever since i joined for your free trial, customer service on phone and chat is brill. Despatch time and replies a+. Keep up the good work. 1 suggestion is up the price to 20 quid priority 1 let us have 3 games.
Samuel D, Warrington, 15th October 2014

Have to say since joining your service, I have never played so many games on release because how much it is to buy a game on release. Thanks to boomerang, games arrive on the day and when i'm done i just simply send them back and get another game and for very good price. Thank you boomerang
Jake R, 13th October 2014, via Facebook


This isn't complaint at all.

It's more that I am very happy with the service I receive and felt like I should let you guys know. I think you guys do a great job, and don't ever see myself cancelling this service.

I only hope you guys always continue to provide this service, for I will always be a customer.

Thanks again for all the stress free gaming, it's made my life a lot easier and means I can always indulge in my passion for gaming (without having to pay through the roof for new games!)

Luke, Bushey, 8th October 2014

Just wanted to say thank you for your quick service over christmas. Was only yesterday (23rd dec) you recieved my game and sent me another which i got the following day on christmas eve. Happy christmas to you
Daniel D, Ispwich. 24th December 2013.

Very good value for money, prompt, very reasonable and helpful in every aspect of game renting.
Kel Gregory, Birmingham. 8th May 2013

I'd just like to say whenever I've had to contact Boomerang's customer services you guys have been extremely accommodating and have done an excellent job. Thank you for helping make an already stunning service even better.
Alex C, Barnet. 8th May 2013

I am very impressed with Boomerang rentals very good and very fast at sending you the games you want i would recommend this to anybody.

Martin W, Lancing. 16th April 2013

Boomerang offers a fantastic service for gamers, and this is coming from someone who has tried ALL the rental services out there. The priority membership is a great deal; quick access to the latest games with next day delivery. I would highly recommend!
Kevin W, Dumfries. 5th April 2013

Love Boomerang, I've been with them for 3 years now and wouldn't even think of leaving and joining another service similar.
Kirsty J, Derby. 7th March 2013

Thankyou for your help and keep up the good work you guys are a credit to online shopping and rental :).
Leonard E, Wolverhampton. 26th Feb 2013

I'm finding the service brilliant, used a few rental services and I'd rank this as the best.
John D, Great Cambourne. 13th February 2013

Also wanted to say thankyou for the orders placed over the past several months with the site, goods in excellent condition, prices great and a brilliant standard of service..
Sean N,Cumbernauld. 25th January 2013

The best online games rental company out there, since joining i have had every major title on release day inc black-ops 2 and Skyrim really can not fault the service you guys provide with the launch of your reward program i can see my self being a customer for many years, Thanks boomerang
Robert K, Norwich. 24th January 2013

The service you have provided me in the time that I have been a member has been second to none. Games have always arrived very quickly and I have never recived a game I thought i would have rather had that one from my list.
Chris M, Stock on Tees. 22nd January 2013

I like to take this moment to say that boomerang, after using other rental companies, is by far the best. As a customer thank you for the ease and enjoyment of renting with yourselfs.

Justin B, Northampton. 21st December 2012

This is a cheeky message to tell you that i have been with you for about 3 years now and think it's a fantastic service. So much so that i have recommended you to several of my friends, the most recent one on facebook which then resulted in his mates (who i don't know) telling me i was a 'legend' for introducing them to the website
Jamie C, Penzance. 18th October 2012

This is a cheeky message to tell you that i have been with you for about 3 years now and think it's a fantastic service. So much so that i have recommended you to several of my friends, the most recent one on facebook which then resulted in his mates (who i don't know) telling me i was a 'legend' for introducing them to the website
Jamie C, Penzance. 18th Oct 2012

The service you have provided has been exceptional, quick and fast service and I have never had any problems with anything...Thank you for many months off entertainment...
Andrew W, Cleethorpes. 2nd October 2012

I would.. recommend your company to friends as I think it is a convenient way of renting games on the internet.
Danny W, Liverpool. 24th September 2012

The service provided, the dispatch times, feedback on your end, and the value of this account were all top notch.
Stuart R, Blackpool. 19th September 2012

I'm so impressed with how fast the service is. I posted my game at half 5 last night and already got an email saying you have received it. No doubt I will get another one later today to say the next one has been dispatched as usual. Fantastic, keep up the good work! :)
Rebecca M, Bolton. 25th April 2012

Last week I posted a game back to your company and mistakenly also put a blu-ray movie disk my girlfriend had rented from an online movie rental company. I received the email stating the game had been received and then the next day, I got home to find mail from yourselves through my letterbox. I opened the envelope and it was the movie returned to me so I would like to say both thanks and to praise the honesty of your staff.

Things like that put confidence in your company and encourages me to continue my subscriptions

Andrew W, Glasgow. 4th April 2012

hey boomerang just wanna say that as a ps3 gamer i love this site because it gives me the chance to play new games and other games wiv out haveing to buy or rent at daft prices and it has saved me alot money i am a new member only been with you about 2-3 months and im happy what i have had so far thankyou
Steven R, Oxbridge. 27th March 2012

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service. I originally signed up to you guys back in 2007 as you had such great prices on your budget rental plans. The other day I decided I'd save myself some money on new releases and get your priority two package. I added two games which are due for release this Friday, checked my account today and both have been sent to me in time for release day. It's truly great to see such a fantastic service and actually getting the priority service I signed up for! Keep up the good work.
Adam F, Denbigh. 7th February 2012

I recently received Fifa 12 and so far I have been happy as you have been very quick in distributing the games that i want quickly and level of service has been exceptional.
Sujaul K, Birmingham. 30th January 2012

I would like to congratulate you on an exemplary service during 2011. You\'ve sent me every single new release I asked for on release day. I couldn\'t have been happier.
David J, Cheshire. 30th November 2011

We have been really overjoyed with the Boomerang service. We have been priority account holders for many months now and have never been disappointed. A couple of would be glitches were solved in minutes by staff (Sam is a Legend) and we went on happier than ever. We would definately recommend this service to other gamers without hesitation!
Dylan E, Corby. 18th November 2011

Without doubt the best rental service i\'ve used (i\'ve tried a few others, L******m included, and Boomerang continue to be the best without doubt!). fast despatches, all the latest games and great customer service. For a tenner a month? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn\'t. Thankfully! Keep up the good work!R
Richard S, Hudddersfield 15th November 2011

Wwhen I had a problem with my payment card you customer service team bent over backwards to help me I really don\'t have the words to thank them, other company\'s could learn so much from your level of customer service, keep up the amazing work guys
Richard K, Norwich. 15th November 2011

I can phone you which is awesome, I have cancelled with a competitor because of time delays and customer service issues.
Ray H, Glenochil. 9th November 2011

I joined this service a few days ago on a free trial and recieved my top choice as my first rental, amazing customer service, I would recommend this service to any one using any other online rental services to switch now
Robert K, Norwich. 9th November 2011

I just had to compliment you guys on the amazing service you provide. I\'ve saved so much money just renting these games rather than buying them and you make it so easy to do, keep up the brilliant work! Long live Boomerang!
Elliot M, Barrow-in-Furness. 28th October 2011

The service I have received has been exceptional since I signed up in February. I\'ve had countless games on release day (at least 5 or 6) and the turnaround is second to none. Boomerang is by far the best rental service...
Andrew H, Swinton. 28th September 2011

I love the things you guys do, i\'m really happy i choose you to rent my games off. The speed you get my games back to me is brilliant, it\'s a no hassle way of getting me the games i want. Keep up the good work
Daniel C, Plymouth. 19th September 2011

Theres a saying you get what you pay for... In this case its wrong... cus u pay a very cheap price for an amazing service... !! thank you. .:)
Gemma P, Bodmin. 14th Sept 2011

The service I have received from Boomerang has been spectacular. I joined on a Saturday and received my first title on the Monday Morning. The disc was in excellent condition and so cheaply priced that I decided to buy it. I received a brand new box, manual and poster box (along with my next rental title two days later)....not only the service but also the selection of available titles is much better than available any where else.
Tyrian G, Todmorden. 9th September 2011

The customer service is excellent. Quick, friendly and personal response within a day. I couldn\'t be more happy with it!
Stephen W, Alloa. 25th August 2011

Firstly i have to say i have no regrets moving to this service from l*******. To start with, the turnaround time was lightning fast. I subscribed on sunday, and the following day two of my top choices were despatched. When I removed the titles from the envelopes, i immediately noticed the beautiful cases which kept the discs in pristine condition. Both were in brilliant condition, not a single scratch! (Unlike l*******), and last but not least i loved the games!. The fact that you guys send me my top titles makes me want to stay with you guys forever and forever, no other company does this. Keep it up 5 stars i love you guys!!!!! :-)
Zeeshan H, Birmingham. 22nd August 2011

I reset my account to a live Priority 2 account, and set it to the fast option, and minutes later my 3rd and 4th priority games, Killzone 3 and Lost Planet 2 are marked as dispatched. Very happy about that, even though im on the fast option my Priority package has shown it\'s worth. Thanks very much :D
Connor B, Bexley. 18th August 2011

Fantastic service. I have received my new rentals generally 2 days after popping the old one in the post.
Daniel V, Portsmouth. 18th August 2011

I just wanted to send in a compliment, because the service is literally INCREDIBLE.

Having been with boomerang for well over a year now, I have never had a single issue, never had a non-working game, nothing has ever been messed up over the post, I don\'t have anything bad at all to say about it.

I am currently on the Priority 2 membership, and I can honestly say it\'s worth every penny. As a primary xbox renter, I install every single game you send, in the hope of leaving the same impression you\'ve given me. Keep it up boomerang
Harry C, Corsham. 13th July 2011

Awsome customer service. I have called you up on 3 occasions, and each time ive felt valued and like you WANT to try and make me happy, not just take my money and provide a service confined to the smallprint.
Daniel D, Aylesbury. 7th July 2011

signed up for the free trial..... had a slight issue with my flat number being a tricky one to find on the system. the CS team called a day or so later to tell me of the issue, they helped me with the problem and we sorted it straight away, They then reset my trial for me because of the issue so that i never missed any days of the free trial. I then received my game 2 days later as stated by the CS team. I never finished the trial i stopped it early to take out the full subscription as I wanted the other games on my list. I would not hesitate to recommend this game rental company to anyone. The customer service team are nice light hearted and easy to discuss matters with. A lot of companies could do with taking a leaf from the Boomerang book
Ed L, Glasgow. 9th June 2011

My acc was activated yesterday, my first choice was LA Noir. Not only do i get the game on release but the release date was today! i am more than pleased, this is outstanding, everyone will be hearing of boomerang from me an it aint even been 24 hours...
Christian C, Warrington. 6th June 2011

Really good, queries are dealt with in a personal and prompt manner, best decision of my gaming life was joining boomerang!
Steven R, Ipswich. 27th April 2011

I would just like to thank you and your staff for the service that you provide, Ive only been with you about 6 weeks and had a few teething troubles but the issues have been dealt with promptly and to my satisfaction.

No services will ever run smoothly all of the time but you can tell a quality company by the way you deal with issues and you all deal with them well.

Its a pleasure to be a customer.

Alan B, Telford. 28th March 2011

I haven't been with the site long but I can say they give excellent customer service, I am happy to be a member of boomerang and would recommend it to anyone.
Arran B, Cleathorpes. 28th March 2011

I\'m very happy with the services Boomerang provides and i find myself suggesting this website to friends, family and random people in the street... (i have the slap marks to prove it) 10/10 :)
Oliver R, Cheadle. 28th March 2011

I was reluctant at first to rent games again after a bad experience with a well known film/game company, but then I found boomerang on google and am very pleased to say the service is top notch. Prices are good value and the best thing is they tend to send the games from the top of the list. Highly recommended!
James C, Nottingham. 25th march 2011

Excellent place to hire my games. Site is easy to use.
Theo v L, East Malling. 18th March 2011

What a fabulous service. excellent customer service, great range of games and fantastic prices. have recommended to numerous friends who game.
Lisa S, Newcastle Upon Tyne. 18th march 2011

It is awesome to see a company that actually looks after its customers, they are few & far between in the 21st century. I actually feel like you value my custom instead of feeling like just another number. So thank you for the great service
Peter W, Horncastle. 7th March 2011

Just Amazing, and am referring u to everyone... even got my friend interested and he works in a games shop, lol
Gemma P, Bodmin. 2nd March 2011

Your website is fantasticly easy to use and simple, been with you for years and will continue to be for many too come
Greg G, Ross on Wye. 1st March 2011

Excellent service, good selection of games, was a bit hesitant at first, but i am very very pleased with everything and an easy to understand website, will be encouraging my friends to use site, thanks very much. x heidi, hull
Heidi G, Hull. 23rd February 2011

I love this service, think its a great money saver no longer spending £40 a month on games i play once or twice! instead i can pick up a rental play it for as long as i like ir send it back and wait for another if i dont like it!! Always great delivery times, never any problems with the games, and always someone to answer your questions about anything! wish i\'d had this site 3 years ago!
Joanne M, Tranmere. 18th February 2011

I would just like to thank you and your staff for the service that you provide, I've only been with you about 6 weeks and had a few teething troubles but the issues have been dealt with promptly and to my satisfaction.

No services will ever run smoothly all of the time but you can tell a quality company by the way you deal with issues and you all deal with them well.

It's a pleasure to be a customer.

Alan B, Telford. 18th February 2011

Excellent customer service. I just got off the phone and have to say I was dealt with brilliantly by the telephone advisor.... I will definitely be using Boomerang over any other games rental providers in the future... Very satisfied customer
Umer E, Illford. 17th February 2011

Love this website, saves me a fortune in games. Best few pounds i spend each month. very easy to use with pre paid envelope.
Stephen D, Falkirk. 3rd february 2011

I have only been with Boomerang a short time but have found the Customer Service to be second to none. I would recommend Boomerang to anyone looking for a decent online Games rental company.
Lee R, Rotherham. 21st January 2011

Excellent site, customer service 10/10. have recommended to all of my friends and family..
Dawn C, Southampton. 20th January 2011

Really enjoyed the service so far, never had any problems and all discs have worked flawlessly. Been recommending to friends to try it out! I\'m a casual gamer so the lowest tier is perfect!
Paul B, Banknock, 13th january 2011.

Would just like to thank your customer service team, they was very efficient and friendly, never known such a good customer service team. Many Thanks
Stephen L, Sunbury on Thames. 11th January 2011

It\'s easy to find what you want in the format you want it. The site is intuitive and easy to use. Congratulations. You\'ve won yourself a long-term customer!
Kris D, Waltham Cross. 11th January 2011

... can\'t fault you guys at all! You make L*****m\'s customer service look like BT (that\'s bad, hence the swap) I am definitely an advocate of yours on and offline!

Your service is unrivalled and people should know about it.

Thanks again :)

Jayms B, Norwich. 6th January 2011

I can\'t praise the customer service enough. If I have ever felt the need to contact you no matter how important the subject, it has always been dealt with as quickly as possible. It\\\'s so refreshing to see a customer services that knows what they are doing. Thank you Michael
Micheal S, Chesterfield. 22nd November 2010

Great value and service, thoroughly recommended..
Gareth H, St Annes. 5th November 2010

Boomerang delivers absolutely amazing service and I have to say - I haven\'t had high expectations first time I signed up but was completely blown away with quality and speed of service. definitely exceeded my expectations by a light year compared to other rental services...
Chris F, Aberdeen. 5th November 2010

Id just like to say your customer service levels and dispatch times are great and i would recomend you guys to anyone.

Keep It up!

Luke H, Somerset. 29th October 2010

Boomerang\'s customer support is very reliable and they really do make an effort to address any concerns and questions. I find the whole experience of dealing with Boomerang to be easy and reliable. Definately one of the best game renting sites anywhere on the internet, and I have tried quite a few so I speak from experience.
Michael S, Chesterfield. 15th October 2010

I can\'t fault Boomerang as they have saved me loads of money. I play a lot of games & always get two top games a week through the post many arrive on the day of release! I am a priority one customer & can say truthfully thats its well worth the amount charged for this level of membership. I wouldn\'t go anywhere else for my games rentals as Boomerang are spot on, keep up the good work.
Anthony F, Chorley. 15th October 2010

A great service at an even better price, a quick turnaround and wide selection of games to choose from make this a really good way to get your gaming fix. Would recommend to a friend. Thanks again
Matt D, Rustington. 24th September 2010

I love your site its the best uk rental service i have found and i am going to subscribe for one year for a 9.99 month 1 game unlimited plan with discount for subscribing...
Charlie G, Andover. 24th September 2010

I was very pleased with the service i received from Boomerang. Unfortunately my x box broke (ring of death). As soon as i buy a new one i shall be reactivating my account. I would recommend your website to anyone. Its fantastic.
Martin H, Richmond, 24th September 2010

Truly fantastic customer service, fast, polite and informative!
Michael M, Glenrothes. 14th September 2010

Guys you always sort me out, your one in a million. Well done and keep up the grrrrrreeeeaaaat work Darrell
Darrell C, Belfast. 14th September 2010

I am really happy with the service Boomerang is giving me. I've been recommending this site to everyone I know. Keep up the good job : )

Ana R, Manchester. 17th August 2010.

Boomerang is an amazing service...

I would recommend Boomerang to anyone and everyone with an interest in gaming without the money to pay full price every time.
Great work guys, thanks alot.

Robbie H, Rotherham. 25th May 2010

Just wanted to say that I thought the service was excellent...

I will..recommend Boomerang to anyone I know that plays games, it\'s a great service.

Rob N, Derby. 24th May 2010

As a new customer ive had 3 games from you and would like to thank u for the speedy service and on saving me a small fortune on games ...! Carry on the good work .

Darren B, Worksop. 17th May 2010

The service I have received has been top notch and have really enjoyed my time with you.

I would recommend your service to anyone I know who is looking to rent.

Iain B, Kirkcaldy. 28th April 2010

I just thought i would send you an email just to say Thank You for the quick and reliable service from yourselfs. I must say im very happy with the quick return of games that ive got on my rental list. i would also like to say im very happy with the price\\\'s of your games that are for sale ive recently bought a game from yourselfs and it was the cheapest ive seen around from other stores.

Matthew W, Feltham. 19th April 2010

I would just like to say that i think you provide a great service and great value for money. I play a lot of games and you guys are saving me some serious cash.

Aidan H, Gloucester. 26th March 2010

I must say I\'m extremely impressed with your service... Keep it up and I\'m sure you\'ll be ever successfull. I\'ve sent an email round my friends at work/home recommending you so hopefully you should get some more subscribers.

Chris N, Leyland. 19th February 2010

Excellent rental service and even better customer service. Games were dispatched extremely fast and in great condition. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. Thanks Boomerang!

Alex J, Newport. 12th february 2010

Thank you, once again excellent service from Boomerang, by far the best site of this type out there.

James S, Heaton Moor. 10th February 2010

Thank you again for the excellent service. I\'ve recommended this to my friends and family. So much better than some bigger rental sites which I shall not name :).

Daniel N, Hull. 10th February 2010

I would just like to take a minute to say just how fantastic your service is. The prices are fare the games are first rate & the service is of the highest standard I have ever encountered from a rental service of any kind. Your web site is informative & easy to use, no matter what age group you are. Your support service is also first rate, having used it on one occasion. I would just like to take a minute to say thank you & hope you keep up the good work.

Peter W, Horncastle. 10th February 2010

I am really enjoying the service that Boomerang offer and having used LoveFilm for quite a while simultaneously, I feel compelled to tell you that I dont think I will ever use another service other than yours and have cancelled my lovefilm subscription forthwith.

What truly offers real tangible value with Boomerang is the ability to keep the game after you have rented it, at a greatly reduced price (Killzone2 - brand new at £7.99...

Martin E, Abbots Langley. 29th January 2010

My feedback on your site is nothing but positive. I have really enjoyed being a member of boomerang rentals and I still feel that it is definitely the way to try new games etc ...

Your service and your whole business has been first class from start to finish.

Keep up the good work and I will continue to refer you to friends.

Steve S, Perth. 5th October 2009.

I\'ve been extremely pleased with Boomerang during the course of my membership and have always received an excellent, 1st class service from you.
Gemma C, Sutherland. 11th August 2009.

The delivery was amazingly fast and the quality of the games and cases was brilliant.
The prices were very fair and i will be using this service again.

Richard D, Wolverhmpton. 1st August 2009.

Everything was fantastic with the order. Happy with the condition of everything (which looks as good as new) and a steal at only £9.99. Its something I will definitely be using again.
Michael O, Hebburn. 6th August 2009.

Your service has been excellent from day one , never had any reason to complain, the games are always quickly despatched..
Farid H, London. 4th August 2009.

Was really pleased (with my purchase) thanks. Was nice and easy to buy it, came in good nick and came the same day as my new rental. Think it\'s a great new feature.
Jon B, Sheffield. 3rd August 2009

I\'ve been with the service just over a week now I think and my initial impression has been fantastic. The speed of service and the quantity of games to pick from have been excellent.

I\'m glad I joined, thanks.

Iain B, Kirkcaldy. 30th July 2009.

I think your service, all parts of it, are excellent. I am really happy with what has been received and the time it all takes.

I would also add that your service is very easy to use. Very user friendly.

Katharine W, Lewes. 31st July 2009.

I am very happy with my purchase. Ordered on Wednesday evening and delivered on Friday.

I was initially cautious about ordering a game which I assumed would be ex rental with a fairly scratched disk but I was amazed at the condition of the game. Case, booklet and disc for both games were in perfect condition and better than some games I have purchased new.

I will definately use this service again and have already given recommendations to friends. Keep up the good work.

Lee N, Ashford. 31st July 2009

Just wanted to let you know I love your site I think its brill! Soo much better than L******m, your prices are cheaper, you can choose your priority option and your packaging is much much better. 

Great service, always get games quickly and an email notification and the look of the site is great! Not too much to read all over the place like L******m.

Feel free you use my comments as a testimonial, but I just wanted you to know that you\'re doing a great job!!

Ceri D, Swansea. 27th June 2009 was nothing short of awesome to be perfectly honest. I was just initially trying to find the best on-line rental service for future purposes and I\'ve obviously found them.

Martin S, Stoke on Trent. 26th February 2008

Hi there, just wanted to say that I think your service is excellent...if only my internet service provider had similar high standards :)
Karl F, Exmouth. 2nd February 2009

I have to say, I recieved a great service and everything about your business seems really, really good....

You guys should be really proud of your company ..... I will definately be recommending you to my friends.

Liam F, Portsmouth. 30th January 2009

The customer service was great and i had alot of my number 1 choices delivered so it was a very good experience.
Bill H, Exmouth. 20th January 2009

The service has been brilliant to be honest. Excellent, wide range of games, most of them readily available. The site iswas well designed, looks good and works well. The time between me returning a game and the next one arriving was absolutely fantastic, thumbs up in that respect..
Adam W, Swindon. 9th January 2009

I was so impressed by the turnaround and service of your website and customer support that I decided to forego the free trial and become a full-paid member. Keep it up!
Scott T, Stockton on Tees. 29th December 2008

I have been very impressed with the service I have received from Boomerang and cannot think of a single occasion in which I would rate it any less than excellent.

I would have no hesitation recommending Boomerang to anyone interested in renting video games.
Daniel N, Sawbridgeworth. 8th Dec 2008

i would just like to say that you have a great service , One which i have only had a minor problem with , which was sorted out by your helpful staff . The launch of the new-look website is a huge improvement and i am glad i chose this site rather than any other as your rates and quality of service are more than i could wish for.
Frazer B, Plymouth

Service was first class, games were excellent, customer service faultless and turnaround time exemplary.
Harry C, Teddington

By far the best, I have to say, were - and are - Boomerang. I have always found your response times and customer service to be of the highest standard...

Keep up the excellent work, I\'ve never been anything less than 100% impressed with your commitment to looking after my needs as a customer.
Andy L, Portsmouth

I would just like to thank boomerang for saving me money! My son previously had a PS2 and many a time he would ask for a game only for it to sit & gather dust after a couple of days because he didnt like it. When he nagged me into getting him an xbox 360 I obviously was concerned about the same happening again but at a higher cost. Thanks to Boomerang for a tenner a month i can get him to try out games before I commit to buy and to date have saved over £300. Thanks again.
Grant H, Pembroke Dock

Woah great service, i got an email saying my game dispatched yesterday and got it today and it was the 1st game i wanted, thanks boomerangrentals your site is the best!
Colette B, Leeds

I\'ve received nothing but great service from boomerang and have even felt comfortable enough to introduce you to my friends and family.
Peter H, Newcastle Upon Tyne

I just thought I would email to show my appreciation at the excellent level of customer service I have received since joining Boomerang.

The turnaround time when processing a game rental, is exceptionally quick. Also I have consistently received games, which have been high on my list of priority choices.

In addition to this, the catalogue of games for each platform is excellent.

Thank you.

Gary W, Mold

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with
your company\\\'s service.

I was recently referred to Boomerang by a friend and took
advantage of your trial period which I am currently enjoying.

My first game was dispatched the same day and received the next
day - what fantastic service!

I also had reason to telephone your staff before starting my trial
period - I found them most friendly and helpful.

I look forward to renting more games from Boomerang in the future
and wish your company every success.

Dennis H, Sandhurst

The previous games rental company i used was GxxxxxxxT, and i have to say they were awful.......hence joining Boomerang.

Like i say, so far you have been brilliant and i thank you for putting my trust back in games rental companys.

Mark D, Lichfield

Just a quick message to let you know how great your service is I have only trying it out for a 2 weeks or so but even in the short time I have been impressed with the speed and efficient of receiving the games I have requested. I had never thought about renting games before but I don\'t think I will want to every buy a game in the foreseeable future as your service is shuch great value.
Steve, Weymouth

I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service I have recieved since joining Boomerang. I have regularly received my top game choices and the turnaround times have been really fast. I think the membership is worth every penny. Keep up the good work.

Robert M, Ilkeston

Just a quick email to let you know that i have been with you for nearly a year and im very happy with the service and i have just upgraded my subscription.

Thanks for the great service and keep it great with a good turnover of games.

Curran, St Leonards on Sea

I\'ve been with your rental site for a week or so... and all I can say is it\'s brilliant!

Steve J, Grimsby

Hey guys, I just wanted to say I\'m totally astounded at your service, Games arrive increadibly fast, the choice is amazing and availability of new games is also really great

compared to any other games rental site out there you guys are definitely the best, I\'ll be using the service for a long time to come
Duncan, Lockerbie

Can I just say that since I\'ve signed up to boomerang game rentals I
have had the best service possible all the time ever since, and I think this
is most of the reason why I pay for a subscription with you. Good service =
happy customers. Thank you so very much and keep it up.

David, Borough Green

Wow!, having signed up to your service at approx 1pm the previous day, i was amazed to see the first game in my pipeline hit the mat the day after joining. the first game was also in high demand so i was suprised to recieve this as i expected a game a little further down the pipline list to arrive!!!.

i am a very satisfied customer, and hope to continue to receive the initial excellent service you have provided.

keep up the good work!!!

Mike, Pontypool

I just wanted to pass on my utmost thanks to you for sending me a copy
of forza 2, not only on the day it was released but also the day i wanted it.
You have a customer for life.

James, Sandy

Hey just a quick message i was with one of your competitors...and i am really impressed with the quickness and professionalism from boomerang (i recieved my game the next day after i registered) you leave them well behind keep up the good work

David A, Liverpool

Would just like to say how impressed i am with your service. Since i have joined, u have sent me a huge amount of games and they always arrive on time just when i want them.

Everytime you send me out a game, i get it the next day and this week u have managed to send me out 2 games within 4 days (Unlimited One Package).

Keep up the good work. You offer an excellent service at an amazing price!! i
used to spend 10\'s and 10\'s of £\'s a month at my local blockbuster!

Jeremy, Reading

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the wonderful job your doing and the customer service is second to none.
Lee I, Durham

what a brilliant service im defo gonna stay with you guys after my free
Stephen H, Barrow in Furness

Again I would like to say what a great service you provide, you always get games out to me within 2 days of me posting them back to you.

Thank you again and I hope to be apart of your custom for a long time to come.

Kris M, Irvine

Great service so far. I like to try out new games for a few hours and
never really play a game to its end so the turnaround is real fast. Great
value of money. Would have cost me a bomb to buy a game, play for 1 day and then gather dust....

Del A, London

Thanks ever so much. Your service is unbelievably good. I was put off online rentals by a bad experiecne with another company but this is just excellent. Thanks a lot

Daniel F, Peterlee

...I have been impressed with the service so far & look
forward to continuing it for a long while.

Oliver M, Devon

I would just like to say how impressed i am with your service so far.
very quick delivery! ... Glad i found your website keep up the good work!

Jeremy B, Reading

...the way the staff helped me and the speed in which they did it in was
fantastic and I really appreciated that and thank the staff for there
help that they gave me.
Mathew B, Rotherham

Jjust to say i think your company and customer service is excellent. I have always been very pleased with the games you have sent and the speed new games are sent out when the old ones are returned.

Russell S, Heybridge

I’m finding your service good loads more titles then the other sites I’ve been to and I must say a very nice response time to my e-mail ... I shall enjoy this service for some time to come.

Frederick S, Lichfield

Just like to say thanks for the great service you give . It\\\'s a great
easy to navigate site and you get the games to us really quickly not bad
for the price I say . But overall the best and most important thing I think
is the response you give from e-mailing you not only do you answer every
e-mail and sort out any problem but you do it very quickly , thanx again
Matt S, Luton

Just thought i would let yous know ! that i am delighted with boomerang ! keep up the good work
Brian H, Kilmarnock

Big thumbs-up for all the service I\\\'ve received, the best I\'ve found from a games rental service.

Neil S, Peterborough

I\'ve tried.. (over 8 companies for XBox 360 games) ..all in all boomerang has the biggest title list, best package deals/prices and ...the fastest game rental turnaround.

Nice to be actually receiving friendly mails from a human in a non generic copy and pasted response from months ago style that seems to be the norm for games rental companys:)

David A, Perthshire

Your service has been most impressive, I have received 1 of my top 3 choices on numerous occasions; and your initial support with my account and the trial extension was top notch.

Andrew D, Sheffield

Hello there, I have been extremely satisfied with the service from boomerang, I was at first quite nervous about joining your rental service online but you have been excellent so far.

I think this is definitely the way forward with renting games, to pay a set amount each month and enjoy the benefits of great choice and a delivery and returns service that is just so easy.

No more going into high street shops only to be told that we don’t have any copies left of the game you want!

Thanks again for a great service.

G James, Aberdare

Just wanted to leave some feedback with regards the outstanding service you provide!

Registered on the site at 13:42 on friday, then received my first game on the very next day!! And it was a Saturday...

Will definitely be recommending to my friends and continuing with the service once the free trial is over

Kevin R, Croydon

I just wanted to compliment you on your choice of envelope. Over the years, I have been with countless DVD/game rental agencies and, without doubt, yours is the best packaging to date. Lighweight, rain resistant, discreet, non-rigid yet tough. That, the use of a double address card, a proper plastic case, the number one game from my list, lightning delivery and a 3 week trial. Extremely impressed so far! Very many thanks and keep us the good work :o)
Mike H, Bramley

I never usually bother to contact companies to say good job, but in this case I would like to say that you guys are doing a really good job. I am very impressed with the customer service and the rental idea behind Boomerang, all other game rental sites that I have looked at seem to be appauling. It makes a nice change to deal with humans for once..

Will, Droitwich

Just wanted to say great service and I have really enjoyed the trial period and have been impressed by your speed and attention to detail.

Martin S, Croydon

Boomerang is the best! The games are so fun and it took only one day to recieve my game. AMAZING! The game is also in brand new condition.
10/10 Boomerang. Keep up the good work.
Stefan G, Ilford

You have a first rate service I will be recommending your company to all my friends and work mates.

Alex T, Welwyn Garden City

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a good service.

Before joining I was doubtful of how reliable renting online would be - I need not have worried! My first game was dispatched instantly and all games I\'ve had since then have been delivered promptly (including a game that had only just been released!)

This service has far exceeded my expectations (even my email was responded to within 12hrs) and I only wish I\'d found you sooner! Keep up the good work!!!

Gary T, Norwich

Boomerang have been the best rental supplier i used and i tried xxxxxxxxxxx,
xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxx plus others before you.

Your service was spot on. Everything was perfect....

Jordan, York

Just writing to say that i got my NHL 2k6 today, game is great and so is your service, im glad i signed up with you, i\'ll save so much cash on buying games.

Thanks for a great service and hope loads of people sign up to you!

Mike C, Hornchurch

Your service is wonderfull I am really pleased.

Marie M, Kings Lynn

I have nothing but praise for the service you provide its let me not onlytest games to see if i like them but also session them without the pressureof "its got to be back tomorrow".I also only ever had a days wait in betweengetting the next game on my wishlist.

Tom M, Northampton

Just wanted to let u notch games + top notch service. Best 10 in a month ive spent...keep up the good work.

Brian K, Kilmarnock

I was very impressed with the service, the turnaround time isexcellent, the 3 week trial is wonderful and the games sent were alwaysplaced in the top two slots of my list. In my opinion your service is betterthanxxxxxxxx, the other game rental service I have tried.
Ben M, Hinckley

The only thing i can say is what a fantasic site you have very fast service. I`am telling my friends about your club thanks.
Susan B, Cheltenham

So far I am really pleased with your service. As soon as I send the rentedgame back to you, I get the next one, which makes your service as convenientas a high street rental store.

I have been to a few online rental servicesbut they are very slow and the disks are often damaged and scratched beyondplayability, and their is nothing more frustrating than renting a game,inviting some freinds over and then finding the game does not work.

Nearlyall the games so far have been sent to me in the order of my priority. Allthe games I have received from you have been in good condition and I\'mpretty sure it is because of the cloth padding on one side of the plasticcase because the other rental companies do not have these.

So thank you for your great service and I hope it stays as good as it has sofar. Which gives me no hesitation to recommend you to my friends.

Shash P, Luton

"CanI just sayhow delighted I am with your wonderful, efficient delighted that 3 of my gaming buddies took interest & signed up (....I just hope they don\'t get all the good games lol).

I can only end by saying "keep up the good work"...thank you "Boomerang Team" for a wonderful service your providing...& long may it continue. "
Mark L, Wrexham

"My first impressons are: very impressed.My account was set-up quickly and a mistakeI had made...was highlighted and dealt with extremely quickly.

Once organised the first gameI had ordered was sent out on the day ofrelease and arrived here today, one day later. "
Kevin T, Redruth

"I think the service is great by the way andI have recommended you to some friends. I\'m looking forward to the 360 games."
Andrew D, Worcester

"Its so nice to have an internet company/service that you can actually talk to and that will actually get back to you with 100% satisfactory answers and in such a short time, it feels as though you guys are in a shop just down the road, a very personal service which is absolutely awesome! "
Ali M, Maldon

"Thank you so much for the excellent customer care. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."
Chris W, Camberley


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