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Curious George

Curious George for PS2 to buy

For more than 60 years, children and adults alike have followed the tales of a little monkey named George - known for his fun-loving nature and insatiable taste for curiosity. Fans can now join Curious George on an exciting interactive adventure and will be able to jump into the action as Curious George himself in a variety of levels based closely on the animated feature film. The story begins as The Man with the Yellow Hat travels to the jungle in search of an artefact exotic enough to save the museum where he works. Naturally, George follows him back to the big city and embarks on a series of mis-adventures. Players control George as he runs, jumps, climbs and swings his way around Africa, the museum, The Man with the Yellow Hat's apartment and more - solving puzzles and interacting with new friends from the movie.

The game's environments are filled with "curious objects" that George can explore such as opening drawers to dig through papers, spilling paint cans or unlocking latches on suitcases and watching the clothes fall out. As George gets himself into one humorous predicament after another, players will need to use George's skills, which include distracting performances and crafty escapes, to elude trouble. The game also features special unlockables, such as mini-games, so players will have hours of bonus content to complement the main storyline.

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Released: 01-12-2006
Rating Info: 3+
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Curious George for PS2 to buyCurious George for PS2 to buyCurious George for PS2 to buy


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