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Changing the landscape of shooters forever with a revolutionary blend of movement and combat in all three dimensions, Damnation is a non-stop test of reflexes, decision-making and action. Taking the shooter vertical, Damnation features massive streaming landscapes that set the stage for postindustrial battles between humanity and an unstoppable corporation in the wastelands known as "Damnation." With the freedom to go anywhere and kill anyone to reach a goal, players create their own routes using vehicles, acrobatics and climbing to get around the huge maps.

In Damnation, players take control of Captain Hamilton Rourke, a member of the guerrilla resistance force known as the Peacekeepers. A veteran of the Great War, Rourke has his own personal agenda in avenging the death of his fianc´┐Ż.

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Released: 22-05-2009
Rating Info: 18
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I wanted to like this game after playing it at PAX last year where it was in 'Alpha' status. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have progressed beyond that. It has a great idea but it isn't used well at all.

this is an ok game which gets let down by the lame A.I. which just seems to stand there doing nothing, also the camera angle gets annoying every now and then. This is a mediocre game so check it out but dont be expected to be blown away by this game.

Poor controls system,added to an annoying third person perspective that you can only change to a "zoomed" view with your guns. Makes this game frustrating to play and control. Its trying to mix "Tomb Raider" with "Gears of War" but does not do either justice. No lock on auto targeting or fancy movements like the former. And lack of good cover usage of the later. Give this game a miss unless your really bored and played every other shooter out there

Bad game. Sent it back on day of arrival. Graphics are poor for the xbox 360 seeing as game was made in 2007. Controls are hard to get used to and hard to use. The AI's are bad. If they are not lost or vanish they don't do anything. Possibly better on co-op.


Damnation for XBOX360 to buyDamnation for XBOX360 to buyDamnation for XBOX360 to buy


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