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Guilty Gear Judgement

Guilty Gear Judgement for PSP to buy

Guilty Gear Judgment for the PSP system offers gamers incredible value by combining two games on one UMD. The game includes the fast-paced arcade fighting of Guilty Gear X2 Reload plus a brand new side scrolling experience in Guilty Gear Judgment. Guilty Gear Judgment features 20 Guilty Gear character favorites, including Sol Badguy, Potemkin, May, and Dizzy, 18 levels of 2D side-scrolling action, and special moves like Psych Burst, Dust Attack and Roman Cancel. In addition, both games within Guilty Gear Judgment offer wireless multi-player connectivity for up to two players.

Buy Guilty Gear Judgement on PSP

Released: 03-08-2007
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Guilty Gear Judgement for PSP to buyGuilty Gear Judgement for PSP to buyGuilty Gear Judgement for PSP to buy


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