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Ghost Master for XBOX to rent Rent Ghost Master on XBOX

Released: 01 Jan 2004


You may be a ghost, but you'll be scared, too, in this brilliant new game. Move through loads of different story-driven locations and encounter dozens and dozens of humans to frighten. But it's the other ghosts that you need to try and master, many of whom have powers beyond even your ghostly dreams. And even that friendly ghost seems to be developing a strong dislike of you.......   Ghostmaster is an action-based resource management game set over several 3D worlds. Solve the puzzles and you'll be able to learn new spells, and the skills to use them. Need an electric storm? No problem. A cloud-burst of frogs? You can do it. Stretch the very fabric of space and time itself ? You'll need to investigate some new spell classes, and probably go visit Finance-o-Mancer (the official bank of the afterlife) for a plasm loan.


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