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Half Life 2 Orangebox for XBOX360 to rent Rent Half Life 2 Orangebox on XBOX360

Released: 19 Oct 2007

Genre: Shooter

Far more than just Half-Life 2 - it's 5 games in 1 box.


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This game is something special. For a FPS it pretty much ticks every box. I don't think the loading times are an issue, think about the size of the levels, the quality of the graphics, the intelligence of the AI. It was a long time ago since I played the first Half-Life which …

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its really good will last you a couple of weeks if u play all of them :)

This represents great value for money if you were to buy the game, but as a rental, Half Life 2 outstays it's welcome. While the game is perfectly enjoyable for the majority of it's time, the last two chapters drag on. However, Portal alone is worth the rent. It's been a long …

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