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Harvest Moon The Tale Of Two Towns (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to rent Rent Harvest Moon The Tale Of Two Towns (3DS) on Nintendo 3DS

Released: 29 Jun 2012

Genre: Kids / Family

*** Please Note 3DS titles are not compatible with standard Nintendo DS consoles *** The town of Bluebell prizes its animals above all else... In Konohana, it is the vegetable that is all important... Can you convince them both to set aside centuries of rivalry and finally reconnect broken links? The Harvest Goddess prophecy is in your hands! Features: - Brand new cast of characters to a Harvest Moon game; - Choose between two towns:Bluebell (European-style specialising in animals)and Konohana (Japanese-style specialising in crops); - Introducing Alpacas and Honey Bees as new animals; - A pet owl that can help you fly between towns; - Create waterwheels, hill-farms and other new farming tools; - See your pets in full 3D when you are taking care of them (3DS only); - Pick fruits with your friends over Wi-Fi. 3DS Street Pass Gameplay: Multiplayer, even if youre not actively playing, even if you arent carrying the cart in your system! When your 3DS detects other 3DS players in the area who own Harvest Moon, youll receive a message during your next play session. Somebody you passed on the street has left a present in your village! What could it be? Search for it to find out! And if youre wondering who these mysterious benefactors are, youll be able to see information about their own farms, their players, and their progression through the game, too! Eye-Popping 3D Graphics and Gameplay: - New immersive 3D animal care:Feed and groom your animals on the lower screen & See their reactions in full 3D on the upper screen; - Realistic visual depth when flying with the owl, jumping and carrying items: Backgrounds and maps are now realized in full 3D for a more vibrant Harvest Moon view; - 2D graphics retouched: Portraits displayed during dialogues and cut-scenes are rendered in HIRES


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Harvest Moon The Tale Of Two Towns (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to RentHarvest Moon The Tale Of Two Towns (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to RentHarvest Moon The Tale Of Two Towns (3DS) for NINTENDO3DS to Rent


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