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National Geographic Challenge for XBOX360 to rent Rent National Geographic Challenge on XBOX360

Released: 01 Jul 2011

Genre: Kids / Family

National Geographic Challenge! allows players to explore the planet through its geography and history, and to start a journey through the ages and all the continents of the world to witness the amazing extent of human endeavour.This new family game promotes interactive learning, team competition and challenges, making it the ideal title to be played competitively by the whole family and providing 100% fun. National Geographic Challenge! includes different game modes such as single player and multiplayer Quiz games, the competitive two player Puzzle Battle, Jigsaws and other classic puzzle games. The core game mode is the challenging Explorer mode. Up to four players compete to claim territories on the globe by answering questions correctly and competing in puzzle based mini-games, and by using tactics to foil their opponents.Start your journey, enjoy the exploration and get ready to become the ruler of the world! A fun interactive multiplayer quiz game for all the family with a RISK inspired game-play dynamic that makes full use of National Geographic's vast resources through puzzles, photos and video. Features:-Risk style game-play to challenge and dominate territory -Huge variety of questions -Supports PS3 characters -PlayStation 3 Move support -Big Button pad compatible -Huge amount of National Geographic content


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National Geographic Challenge for XBOX360 to RentNational Geographic Challenge for XBOX360 to RentNational Geographic Challenge for XBOX360 to Rent


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