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NBA Live 09 for PS3 to rent Rent NBA Live 09 on PS3

Released: 10 Oct 2008

Genre: Sport

NBA Live 09 is back with the best playing basketball game in the category that rewrites the book on authenticity and makes good on the promise of 24/7 connectivity - but is still accessible enough for new users to get in on the ground floor.New features like 'Pick and Roll Control,' 'Defensive Lockdown Control,' 'Signature Playcalling' and 'Quickstrike Ankle-Breakers' will make the Live experience fun, long-lasting and satisfying. For those in need of some extra coaching, NBA Live 09 takes you to training camp with the NBA Academy that gives you a chance to hone your skills.NBA Live 09 has rewritten the rules and fundamentally shifted the way you look at sports simulation games. NBA Live DNA emulates - with absolute precision - an NBA player in every sense of the word and it does so dynamically.Live 365 takes the statistical data of NBA Live DNA and brings it to life. NBA Live 09 is now constantly evolving and authentically reflects what you see on the court in your virtual experience. Just like the real NBA game, players get injured, free agents sign late, great players go cold and no-names breakthrough. If you're a sports fan, this is a dream come true - NBA Live 09 is made fresh daily.


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NBA Live 09 for PS3 to RentNBA Live 09 for PS3 to RentNBA Live 09 for PS3 to Rent


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