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Nintendogs Labrador and Friends for NINTENDODS to rent Rent Nintendogs Labrador and Friends on Nintendo DS

Released: 13 Oct 2005

Genre: Kids / Family

If getting a pet dog is not practical, Nintendo has an alternative that will definitely have you wagging your tail. "nintendogs" takes the concept of the virtual pet and adds a whole new dimension of interaction. Players can actually touch and speak to their dog which, will in turn react realistically to this attention. This interaction is unlike any other seen before on a games console. "nintendogs" is an ideal pet for people who can't own a real dog, it makes no mess, will never die and definitely won't moult all over your sofa! Players start out by selecting their puppy from a total of six available breeds to choose from. Nintendo knows that breeds of dogs vary immensely as do people's tastes so have come up with a rather unique solution. The European version of the smash-hit "nintendogs" for Nintendo DS will come in three different packages - Labrador Retriever, Miniature Dachshund and Chihuahua - each with six different breeds of puppies to begin with, giving a total of eighteen breeds to choose, including three breeds - Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky and Boxer - not available in the Japanese version. Each breed will have a litter of three different puppies to choose from, giving players a chance to pick the sex and characteristics of their puppy. With the hard part out of the way you are given the task of caring for and training your new pets. Innovative touch-screen controls give access to a variety of toys, treats and activities for you to use with your new pet. Playing games with your puppy will raise its skill level and help to train it, making it more obedient and opening up more options. Build up a pet's skill enough and you will even get to take part in dog shows, competing in front of a large crowd to showcase the tricks it has learnt.


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Nintendogs Labrador and Friends for NINTENDODS to RentNintendogs Labrador and Friends for NINTENDODS to RentNintendogs Labrador and Friends for NINTENDODS to Rent


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