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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers Of Time for NINTENDODS to rent Rent Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers Of Time on Nintendo DS

Released: 04 Jul 2008

Genre: Kids / Family

See the world through the eyes of a Pokmon and step into an adventure full of mystery in Pokmon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time for Nintendo DS.When you wake up in a strange land to find you've turned into a Pokmon, there are bound to be a few questions on your mind - questions that can only be answered by setting off on an epic journey of discovery. Along the way, you'll embark on missions to retrieve lost items, hunt for outlaws and get caught up in the search for a precious artefact stolen by a time-travelling Pokmon!Of course, for a quest so challenging you'll have to recruit some help. Building an Exploration Team of trusty Pokmon to travel by your side through dangerous dungeons will be vital to your survival. And don't forget to get your team in training before you embark on a new mission - teaching them the skills they'll need to secure victory in the many Pokmon battles ahead!With danger lurking at every turn, you might need a little more assistance than your sidekicks can provide. Thankfully, the Friend Rescue function in Explorers of Time lets you send SOS messages via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to one of your friends who has either Explorers of Time or Explorers of Darkness. So if you faint in a dungeon, just send a cry for help wirelessly to your buddy and sit tight!As you wait to be saved, you'll be able to stay busy by going on a Standby Adventure and returning to previously visited dungeons. And if you're the one rescuing a friend, you'll have 10 attempts to save that friend - and a reward to look forward to if you succeed!


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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers Of Time for NINTENDODS to RentPokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers Of Time for NINTENDODS to RentPokemon Mystery Dungeon-Explorers Of Time for NINTENDODS to Rent


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