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Watch Dogs Legion for PS4 to rent Rent Watch Dogs Legion on PS4


£21.99 and earn 66 points

Released: 29 Oct 2020

Genre: Action / Adventure

Recruit anyone from the entire population of London into your resistance: from an MI6 agent to a tough bareknuckle fighter, from a brilliant hacker to a getaway driver, from a football hooligan to an inconspicuous old lady, everyone has a unique backstory, personality, and skillset that should be used in unique situations. Anyone you see can join your team. Play the game the way you want. Build a team with a huge range of characters to choose from, all bringing their own unique abilities. Takedown and arrest enemies as a police officer, chase down enemies in a fully loaded superspy car with armed rockets and cloaking device, and command robotic bees with your beekeeper. Customise your Legion with enhanced gadgets, unique outfits and iconic masks.


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Better than the last one, but could have been longer :-) good fun though

Amazing! Hands down has to be one of my favourite Watchdogs

Great game, love the atmosphere and visuals although the characters voice acting are a little weak in some areas

Watch Dogs Legion for PS4 to RentWatch Dogs Legion for PS4 to RentWatch Dogs Legion for PS4 to Rent


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