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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller for NINTENDODS to rent Rent Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller on Nintendo DS

Released: 23 Mar 2007

Genre: Arcade / Puzzles

The second dedicated Nintendo DS Yu-Gi-Oh! Title is here, and its improved on the first in every way imaginable. The story once again starts at the Duel Academy and players find themselves taking control of another new student, but this one has been placed in the Obelisk Dorm where bad students are placed. Strange incidents start to occur at the Academy and a voice starts talking to the player - the voice of the Spirit Duelist. This Spirit then guides the player through the game, offering help and advice along the way. The New Expert Rule that has now been implemented into the Official Card Game is now included in Spirit Caller, meaning the two are even more closely linked. The Duels themselves have also been improved, and the player now gets a greater sense of the battle when playing. As well as that, the speed of the game has been increased, so you now get a much faster paced experience. With over 1,300 cards available to the player, theres plenty to uncover and the Spirit will also help players in Spirit Caller by giving them new cards along the way. The wireless network is put to the full use with the player able to take part in duels and trade cards with players locally, but also connect to the worldwide game server and battle people from all over the globe. Those players with an impressive card deck from Nightmare Troubadour neednt worry as you can also import you deck into the new game too.


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