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Priority customers receive priority on brand new releases, subject to availability. For those that want the newest releases as quickly as possible.
Unlimited customers get unlimited rentals and access to the latest new releases. Great for a mix of new and older titles.
Value and Value 2x2 customers get full access to all games including PS4 and Xbox One games that are 3 months or older.
Value 1 customers get access to any game older than 6 months, including PS4 and Xbox One titles.

What's the difference between Priority and Unlimited Packages?

Priority customers receive more of their top choices more quickly as well as unlimited rentals. Great for a fast service on new releases. Unlimited customers get unlimited rentals and access to the latest new releases. Great for a mix of new and older titles.

Both Priority and Unlimited Customers can receive new releases. However, Unlimited customers will have to wait slightly longer to receive a brand new release. To have the best opportunity of receiving a brand new release on release day, an Unlimited Customer needs to return their rental earlier than a Priority customer. Priority customers stand a better chance of receiving a brand new release on release day, but by returning their game earlier, an Unlimited customer has a good chance also.

When can I rent New Releases?

You can rent new releases (games less than 3 months old), once you become a paying customer if you are on an appropriate package. You can set your account live early, before your Free Trial ends, on the My Account page.

Why can't I rent new releases on the Free Trial?

Due to their popularity, we believe its fairer to reserve these games for paying customers. This means that you will also receive the best possible service when your account goes live and we hope you will understand that it makes sense to give those customers who are paying for the service the best service possible.

Can I get new releases on Unlimited packages?

Yes, you can. We aim to have enough stock so that everyone on the relevant packages, can rent new releases, although, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a new release for release day, or what the wait time will be.

Which Packages can I rent can I rent Xbox One and PS4 games with?

You can rent new releases on Priority and Unlimited packages or older titles on any Value Package.

When can I chose a 3 or 4 game package?

3 and 4 game packages will become available to you if you are on a 2 game package, and have been a paying customer continually for 3 and 6 months respectively. You will also have a good payment history with us.

If I change my package, will my payment date change?

No, whether you upgrade or downgrade, your payment date remains the same. If you upgrade we simply take an additional payment to cover the increased service until your usual payment date. We will then bill you the new payment amount on your usual payment date.

If I change my package, will this affect my payback points?

Any points that you have earned are still yours, these won't change when you change package. You may start to receive more (if you upgraded) or fewer (if you downgraded) points, if you are waiting for a rental. Also, if you upgrade, you will now require more points for a free month.

Do you take a payment when I sign up?

When you sign up to the Free Trial, we carry out a pre-authorisation for the subscription value. This enables us to perform the necessary anti-fraud checks. The funds remain in your account, but are held to one side for a few days by your bank and then released.


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